Democrats Hacked Kevin McCarthy Huins During Floor Speech

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy ran to Fox News to complain that Democrats had harassed him during his failed eight-hour floor speech.


McCarthy said when asked what his voice was like, “Because my voice is so strong It is powerful for the American people. When I went to the floor I don’t want to talk so long. It wasn’t about breaking records It was breaking the bill. Over 2000 pages, and The Democrats only allowed it Ten minutes in each of the managers Side of the debate. The amount of hacking They Will try to stop me Be able to talk. “

House Minority Leader Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Tim Ryan complained, “ I was going down to do one Statement, talk to Bill. I had a lecture that I had I’ve been working for a while. It will probably take me 45 Give that speech in minutes The longest. But when I got to the floor, How what was so interesting Worse was the fight with them Every word I say. I know you can’t go home When really listening to it or watching it You can on the floor. What an interesting. It was AOC and Tim Ryan who were The ones that will scream are more The loudest Tim Ryan would be An alternative to Nancy Pelosi, who This big partnership Official socialism. They will shout from the other Next door, trying to stop me. “

Democrats pushed back because McCarthy was lying. Kevin McCarthy did not break the bill. He talked for hours about everything, but he did not discuss the bill in any specific way.

McCarthy was both annoyed and confused by those who listened to him because he was incoherent and had no idea what he was talking about.

Kevin McCarthy’s Favorite Sunday Show Venue Reveals Instead of going this week, or meeting with the press, the House minority leader rushed to Fox News to control the damage because his flexed monologue was a complete flop.

If Kevin McCarthy can’t handle the criticism, he’s not a good speaker.

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