Democrats are pushing for a majority vote on the Debt threshold to save the U.S. economy alone.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will try to raise the debt limit in a majority vote on Tuesday afternoon.

Schumer says Democrats alone will raise the debt limit

Video of the count on the Senate floor:

Schumer says:

Last night, and this morning, the Republican leader gave an example of the 2000s, during which Republicans had sole control of the government and voted to increase the limit on what was provided.

The Republican leader said the example was “exactly where we are now.”

What McConnell conveniently omitted was a consensus agreement reached at the request of the Republican Majority Leader, which cleared the way for the Senate to vote to increase the debt limit to a majority – allowing only one party to prevent a catastrophic default if the minority party does not vote.

Let me be clear: I still believe that tackling the debt limit – which includes tsunami on both sides – should be done bilaterally.

But let’s see if Leader McConnell really wants what he wants, what he really wanted to happen in the early 2000s, to let it happen again.

This afternoon, I will seek the unanimous consent of the Senate to vote to increase the limit of the Senate. In other words, we agree that you only need 50 votes in this vote to increase the voting limit, not 60, and this has happened in the past.

The process that leader McConnell favorably outlined yesterday will be similar to the one that allows minority parties to increase the debt limit without the required number of votes.

So if Republicans want to run away from their responsibilities – don’t vote to pay off their debts – so be it. This is a bad thing, this is a bad precedent. But that is the way out. It’s a way.

This is a straightforward proposition: if Republicans really want to see the limit increase without a single vote, I’m ready for that vote.

Under Senate rules, a majority leader would need unanimous consent to proceed with a majority vote to increase the debt ceiling.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans have said they want Democrats to raise the debt limit without their own Republican vote, so if Republicans unanimously block a request for consent, it would be tantamount to announcing support for their trashing by the Senate GOP.

Democrats will save the economy from Republican sabotage

If Republicans do not block the unanimous request for consent, Democrats will vote to increase the debt limit, and there will be no default.

The next step, which Democrats will probably have to do on their own, is to pass an ongoing proposal to fund and keep the government open.

Democrats are moving to save America from Republican sabotage, and if Republicans stand in their way, the GOP will own the destruction of the economy.

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