Democrats are making history because Schumer says build-back better will pass soon

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has expressed confidence that President Biden’s build-back better agenda will soon be passed in the Senate.

Counting video:

Schumer told reporters:

We are working and doing Reach an agreement with President Biden’s Build Back bAs planned. You know, I travel Will meet with Delaware on Sunday President and Senator Manchin about our agenda. We had a very good conversation There and we continue to move Continue ahead and have Good conversation through Weekends and so far. I believe we will get it done And get it done soon. I know both Democrats The chamber is working hard The bill on was needed to get Line

No one said it would be easy to pass a conversion law But we have tracks to get It has been because it is so Important and what The American people need and want. I want to focus on Americans, Middle-class American, poor Americans, who are struggling Get into the middle class, and Those who are trying to stay there. Those are the challenges of our country The face is significant. The world has changed so Fast, and we have to deal With change and make People live well and Easy. This is our mission. Things are for a struggle today 75, 80 percent are American. There are only those at the top Which has to be dealt with Change their own.

Democrats should root for a build-back better pass soon because it contains elements that Democrats and progressives have been trying to achieve for decades. The Universal Pre-K, the discussion of Medicare drug prices, and family vacations, and the three major transformative elements of the law.

This law will improve people’s lives, and once it is done, the Senate will proceed to the Philibuster voting rights showdown.

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