Democrats and DC insiders fire shocks at Steve Bannon’s private DC rally in panic

Former Trump campaign manager and chief strategist Steve Bannon met with many of Trump’s loyalists and political appointees at a private gathering at the DC Social Club this week. Hundreds of former Trump recruits and MAGA loyalists gathered to hear Steve’s plans for the next MAGA administration.

The DC elites, including the radical left and the Republican DC elite, are in a state of panic.

Steve Bannon told The Gateway Pundit about the DC meeting, “It’s outside of Trump’s return to the White House. Maga is supposed to be ready to implement this plan once Trump returns.

The War Room host added in the current political climate, “The university is melting due to Mom taking over the school board; It is difficult to occupy the electoral board; Every day Americans are becoming Present Committeemen – and now it is – a vanguard of trained experts who can take charge of the administrative state.

Running: Democrats and DC insiders fire shocks at Steve Bannon’s private DC rally in panic

NBC reported on this week’s rally in Washington DC.

Several former Trump political appointees gathered at a GOP social club Wednesday night to hear Steve Bannon detail how they could help the next Republican president restructure the government.

Steve told NBC, “If you are going to take over the administrative state and reorganize it, you have to be ready for the shock forces to take it immediately. I gave them fire and sulfur.”

In a telephone interview with NBC News, Bannon said, “If you are going to occupy the administrative state and rebuild it, you have to be ready for the shock forces to take it immediately.” “I gave them fire and sulfur.”

Bannon, who ran former President Donald Trump’s first campaign and later served as top adviser to the White House, said Trump’s agenda was delayed by the challenge of quickly filling nearly 4,000 slots for presidential appointments in federal agencies and the steep learning curve for politicians who were new to Washington.

In that sense, he is not alone. His presence at the Capitol Hill Club came at the invitation of a new organization called the Association of Republican Presidential Appointments, which was formed to create a resource for future GOP officials to fill federal jobs.

One of the group’s organizers, Broadcasting Board of Governors official Jeffrey Scott Shapiro, said, “There are many laws and regulations as well as agency and departmental policies.” , I think it can do a lot of good for the country, not just for the Republican Party. “

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