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Although Alana’s weakness is both unexpected and interesting, Steinberg’s version of the character is not foil to Evan Hansen, the title character and antihero hero is inevitably repeated by Ben Platt. Rather, Beck is a mirror, which naturally reflects the coming era: the presence can be deceptive. “There are actually a lot of people who feel the same way [to Evan], And Alana reveals herself to be one of those people, even though you may not guess it about her, ”she explains.

The film, which is the same as the original show (if not more so), debuted on September 24, but Steinberg and I were caught on Zoom earlier this month. In the frenzy of New York Fashion Week and in preparation for her trip to the Toronto International Film Festival, she spoke to me Dear Evan Hansen And his passion for talking about his character as well as his personal style and, importantly, mental health. “Playing the role of a black girl with anxiety and depression was really exciting for me,” she said. “It took me many years to get to the place where I could find the help and treatment I wanted because this treatment is not very common. So it was really satisfying to be able to play a black girl in Meds.

It’s no coincidence that we wanted Steinberg for What Ware’s October cover (in addition to his extensive role in the highly anticipated film, It’s Depression and Mental Health Screening Month), so it was surprising to have a conversation that was refreshingly clear, weak, and somewhat therapeutic. . We called from our respective residences in Brooklyn and Steinberg chose it for a video-free interview. In this busy period of publicity and high visibility he is the only way to set boundaries and maintain his stability.

Steinberg has not lost anyone to the fact that music plays an important role in taking care of his mental health. Significantly, she has sung in several projects in her past, on character or credit. It’s time Dear Evan Hansen Steinberg is consistent with the release of his first original solo and music video which he created and wrote himself. “I’m really in this exciting moment where I feel less scared or at least feel better enough as a musician,” Steinberg said in Emote. However, he is still debating the title of the song, which he admits is an important item on his huge to-do list.

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