David Price has replaced Joe Kelly on the Dodgers’ NLCS roster

Dodgers captain Dave Roberts has announced that right-hander Joe Kelly He was dropped from the team’s play-off roster due to a biceps injury in the first innings of last night’s game. Left-hander David Price He has been added to the list of 26 members in his place.

Troubled as opener against Kelly Braves, Freddie Freeman allowed a two-run homer Which in the end proved to be unnecessary because the Dodgers came back after a while. After facing only four batsmen, Kelly left the mound in what is being called the Biceps Strain. This strain will prove to be a season-ending for Kelly as the Dodgers advance to the World Series. This type of injury removal makes players incapable of returning to the current or next series, which means that even a quick recovery will not enable Kelly to rejoin the pen.

Despite last night’s hardship, Kelly was a reliable weapon outside of bullpen for Roberts, as he allowed only one run in 4 2/3 playoff innings up to that point. It continued a trend of strong work this year, as the Basketball Reliever finished the season with an impressive 2.86 ERA / 3.08 FIP, a 27.5% strikeout rate and 58.4% roundball rate across 44 innings.

Price has already worked as a utility pitcher in his first regular season action with the Dodgers. Price has occasionally taken on the roles of starter, middle reliever and game finisher since opting out of last year’s short season. The opposing batsmen did not have much difficulty facing the former Sai Young winner, hitting .272 / .339 / .428 with a strikeout rate of just 17.8%. Above an average ability to avoid hard contact and keep the ball out of the air, but allowed the left to post a serviceable 4.03 ERA / 4.23 FIP throughout 73 2/3 innings this year.

In another piece on Evil Dodgers, Roberts added that left-arm reliever Justin Bruihle Dealing with hand pain. Rocky pitched at 2.89 ERA / 3.97 FIP with a strong 50% roundball rate throughout 18 2/3 innings that year. Leftists played a strikeout rate of only 15.1% in his opening season, he showed much stronger batting-missing ability among the minors throughout his career, often checking in with a strikeout rate of 30%. No call has yet been made as to whether Bruhill will be replaced on the roster, although an unpleasant trend of playoff injuries continues for the team after this replacement. Justin Turner on the roster yesterday.

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