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The largest Darknet Market (DNM), the White House, has announced that DNM executives say the party has reached its goal. After announcing the retirement plan, White House administrators explained that user registration and orders had been disabled.

Darknet Market White House plans to close its doors soon, user registration and orders disabled

When the DNM Dark Market was occupied by global law enforcement, the White House Marketplace became the second largest DNM just below the Russian Darknet Behemoth Hydra. The White House was also a Moniro (XMR) DNM only, meaning the XMR was the only digital currency accepted by White House vendors.

The White House and the DNM Archetype Market were the only two DNMs that had strict XMR rules. However, White House market administrators announced that DNM was voluntarily shutting down as the party reached its goal. White House (WH) admins have further stressed that users should not expect DNM to return so if the WH platform appears on the Deep Web, it is a duplicate or knock-off and not operated by the original WH makers.

Darknet Market Receives Biggest Monroe Retirement Plan in the World - White House Administrators Say DNM 'Reaches Its Goal'
Message from WH Administrators posted on DNM Forum Dread.

“We have reached our goal and now, as planned, it’s time for us to retire,” WH admins detailed in an announcement posted on the DNM forum dread. “Immediately user registration and ordering is disabled, everything else (yes, including revocation) is working as usual. We will keep the market online for a limited time until the open order is finalized, the dispute is resolved and the coin is withdrawn. We don’t know how long it will take, but we don’t expect to return months ago and look for a market, “said a member of the WH team in a farewell letter. The WH Retirement Letter adds:

All market rules are still in effect so users should not try to take advantage of situations and scandals, the response system is still working and will be shared with Ricon and other markets. Since this week’s featured listings and sticky will not generate any revenue, sellers who pay for them will be refunded through their market wallets. Vendors can now advertise in the markets they operate on their vendor profiles but direct contact is not yet allowed.

11 Darknet Market still adopts Monero

October 2, for researcher and official Twitter account Dark. Failed, An anonymous journalist researching uncensored Internet, warned his followers that WH was retiring. “Warning: The White House market is retiring,” Dark.Fail Tweeted On saturday. “New orders and registrations have been disabled. The site remains online. There is no indication of an exit scandal or compromise, ”the researchers added.

As mentioned above, Monero (XMR) users can still use DNM called Archetyp Market to access XMR. Moreover, there are DNAs that provide a combination of both BTC and XMR acceptance. Versus Market, Canajon, Tor 2 Door, Cipher Market, and Revolution both offer BTC and XMR as preferred while Monopoly Market, Dark 0D, ASAP Market, World Market, Cartel Marketplace and Liberty Market admins all sellers accept both coins. .

Did White House administrators make the horrific announcement that the market would close its doors and not return? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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