DAOs by Cointelegraph will be the future of the online community in five years

Online communities, which share a common interest in the Internet, can range from social networks, grassroots organizations, and the consumer community. We, as a society, are inherently communal, so it is understandable to engage with others in ideas and interests online. Whether we build relationships with people directly or indirectly, communities are created. However, how we do it is different.

In 2006, web expert Jacob Nielsen Recommended A 90-9-1 rule is based on the inequality of participation in social media and online communities. According to Nielsen, in most online communities, 90% of users hide, i.e., those who observe but do not contribute, nine percent of users contribute little and only one percent account for the most contributions.

Michael O’Rourke Co-founder and CEO of Pocket Network. Michael is a self-taught iOS and Solidarity developer. He was also at the ground level of Bitcoin / crypto Meetup and Consultancy, Blockspace, Tampa Bay, where developers focused on teaching Solidarity. He graduated from the University of South Florida.