Daniel Craig runs 007 with another watch fit as Caps of Bond

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Next week, There is no time to die, The latest episode of the James Bond franchise, finally hits theaters. But the movie title raises more questions than answers. Like, how does our Debonair hero really know it’s time to die? Well, the only solution might be: a great watch. The good news is that there is no shortage of bonds. Special Edition Omega Seamaster which wears bonds There is no time to die Not entirely new – the watch was available to the public near the original release date of the movie. Meanwhile, Daniel Craig is busy embodying his character on the red carpet. This week, at the premiere of her final bond, Craig wore a custom double-breasted fuchsia suit from Seville Row’s Anderson & Shepard and an omega semaster Acu Terra. Outside of the red carpet, watches everywhere became full bonds: fans of the show were accepting 007 pieces, rumors were circulating that bond candidates wore custom pieces, and a one-prototype that would make Q proud was discovered.

Samir Hussain

Daniel Craig’s Omega Semaster Acu Terra

Bond, and the men who played him, have been wearing Omega since 1995 Golden eyes. At the time, everything in the Bond universe was new: Pierce Broson joined the franchise with Omega and one of the best video games. According to Brand, it was a more historically correct choice for Bond: Lore, the character was a Royal Navy officer and the real world members of this force wore omega pieces. Since the change, free access to the Omega catalog has been one of the advantages in addition to the widespread international reputation of playing bonds. Craig has taken advantage over the years, and Sedna Gold closed her run with this very beautiful semester, the Rose Gold version of the brand.

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Ed Sheeran’s Omega Semaster “Specter”

This week, Sheeran appeared in a bond-themed episode Graham Norton Show. For most celebrities, a tax assignment was enough to make sense, but notable watches took stupid sheer things a step further. The singer wore a special edition semester made for 2015 Specter, Which marks the first time that Omega sold (aesthetically) a watch similar to the piece Bond wore in the actual movie. This semester has created war-friendly NATO straps and vintage-inspired details, such as “Lollipop” second hand.

Ricky Vigil M.

Idris Elbar Rolex Datejust II Customized by Black Venom

Now we turn our attention to the long-rumored 007 candidate Idris Elbar. His watch creates an event that we should hurry up and give him the responsibility to empty now. What could be smoother and more suitable for a super spy than a black-out custom watch? The bond is used in Gaspo and the only part missing is the ability to shoot lightning or laser. Also, the watch that the Italian group has customized, the Black Venom, already sounds like a Bond villain.

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Rami Malek’s Cartier tank is American

Rami Malek is someone who really understands what works for him, in style. He was a staunch fan even before he became Cartier’s ambassador. Over the years, she has been seen wearing the tank MC (a stouter version of the watch with a few seconds subdial) and the brand’s Santos-Dumont. This week, on the Bond red carpet, Malek wears another version of the tank. The signature feature of the American is its curved case which enables it to slip easily under the cuffs of Malek’s Slim Tox.

Michael Bradley

An ideal yacht-master

Ben Ainsley’s Rolex Yacht-Master prototype

It’s not necessarily a new watch, as British sailor Ben Ainsley has been wearing it since late last year, but Rolex Magazine recently released some new exciting details around it. It turns out that Ainslie is suddenly rocking one Rolex prototype after another: a yachtmaster of titanium. This is huge scary news in the watch world, because although other brands like Omega, IWC and Richard Mill have experimented with titanium, the first Rolex watch made from this material. Titanium is incredibly light, which is important for anyone in Ainslie’s work line. “As much as we can save weight, it helps us move forward faster,” Ainslie told Rolex Magazine. For Ainslie, Rolex even swept off the complexity of the date that appears in every other yacht-master. Rolex is famous for making such purpose-built watches – submarines for divers or explorers for mountaineers – and this yacht-master is back to that principle.

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