Dana White told ‘Crackhead’ Oscar de la Hoya to tell Alexander Volkanovsky that he was paid less after the UFC 266 war.

Oscar de la Hoya believes that UFC featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovsky has received a significantly lower salary, but Dana White strongly disagrees.

‘The Golden Boy’ on Twitter to congratulate Volkanovsky on defending his successful title at UFC 26. However, De La Hoya apparently hit out at White when he said that the Aussie champion “shared 1/20 of what you valued.” The UFC boss retaliated by tweeting:

“STFU U Crack Head. Lies that you have Kovid and are snatching me to see KTFO Viterbelfort You have to win your Academy Award for your hospital performance. “

White’s response came in the wake of a scheduled clash between former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vittor Belfort and De La Hoyer. De La Hoya was forced to withdraw from the war after the alleged Covid-1 contract. Evander fought with Holyfield instead of Belfort.

I wanted you to hear directly from me that despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted covid and I will not be able to fight next weekend. Preparations for this return have been all over me for the past few months and I would like to thank everyone for their tremendous support.

A huge chunk of boxing fans, including White, clearly believed that de la Hoya was mimicking his illness to avoid Belfort. The iconic boxer posted a video of himself at the hospital, but White claimed it was all work worthy of an “Academy Award.”

Beef of Dana White with Oscar de la Hoya

The ongoing feud between UFC president Dana White and Golden Boy promotion chief Hanco Oscar de la Hoyer is alleged to have involved Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor.

White and the UFC were heavily involved in the crossover matchup campaign. However, De La Hoa was on the opposite end of the spectrum as he urged boxing fans to boycott the “circus” boxing matchup. Since then, White and De La Hoya have been at odds with each other.

This is the first time Dana White has made fun of Oscar de la Hoyer’s fight against drug addiction. The UFC boss was previously asked about his return to the former Six Division Champions competition. According to White, De La Hoya was desperate to fight again because “cocaine is not cheap.”

The 48-year-old is openly about his checked past with substance abuse. He had sought help from the rehab center more than once before.

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