Dana Bash doesn’t say a word as Winsome Sears spreads misinformation about the vaccine

CNN’s Dana Bash sat and listened as Lieutenant Gov. Winsome Sears broadcast misinformation about the vaccine on national television.


Bush asked Sears about his vaccine status and then fell silent, as Sears said:

AI said, America, if it is Nothing else, about it Freedom It’s about being able to live Free from your life What is the government telling you? To do And so we understand this thing About the slippery slope That minute I started saying You know about my vaccine status, We’re going to be down Trying at the bottom of the hill Find out how we got there Because now you want to know What’s in my DNA, you’re going This, that and want to know The other, and in New York, you Look, we have guys, we have waiters, The waiters are asking people Vaccination status, and by By the way, you know what else they are Need? A photo ID to determine that This vaccine card is you The presentation is really you. Who are we fooling? Come on

Let’s say you get vaccinated, Go ahead and get vaccinated, if Get what you want Vaccine Don’t force it on anyone else. We know, and however, the media, They are not telling us that As a result people are being harmed To get the vaccine. They have all kinds of problems. I understand it could be Subtract, but when you One in 30,000 gets it, It is important To you, so are we For better or for worse, And ugly about vaccines.

An example of why so many Americans are angry with the corporate media is Bash’s non-response.

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No one is asking Dana Bash to do anything other than his job to make sure the audience is well informed about the truth. When the corporate media allows Republicans to use public airwaves to lie about vaccines and possibly endanger lives, they are harming the country.

He needs better from the media than to allow American Republicans to lie about the vaccine.

For this reason, confidence in the mainstream media is less than before.

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