Dams on Dams Reconciliation Bill

Democrats are arguing over the price tag of their Build Back Better Bill, but the real problem is what’s in it. The bill forces workers to join unions, imposes racial preferences in every area of ​​life, and redistributes money from workers to takers.

Fortunately, this bill is obsolete. Moderate Democrats, such as Sen. Joe Manchin, insist the bill should be reduced to less than half of its current value. Screaming in anger from afar. But not every Senate can pass the bill without the support of Democrats.

It will be the best result not to pass. This bill gets as much as non-Americans get. Here are some details of the bill that Democrats would not like to see you. Judge for yourself.

“First Generation Down Payment Assistance”: Most people work and save for years to buy a home; This bill turns them into suckers. It provides low-income, first-time home buyers without any conditions. It is part of President Joe Biden’s plan to move the city to the suburbs and increase ethnic and economic diversity there. First-time home buyers can get up to 25 25,000 and they never have to return it, whether they stay at home or leave for virtually any personal or financial reason. It’s free money – unless you’re basing a taxpayer bill.

“Home Efficiency Rebates”: The bill offers up to $ 14,000 to reduce electricity consumption by installing new heat pumps, air conditioning systems, insulation and energy-saving equipment. It’s a pot of gold for homeowners who qualify and bring in billions of dollars in new business for contractors.

Here’s the catch: Only unionized electrical contractors qualify. This bill is designed to twist arms and consolidate personnel. Why? The unions bankrolled the Democratic Party.

Ethnic and racial minorities also get preferential treatment. The bill promises a ড 200 bonus for each customer served from a “community of ethnic or minority racial attitudes”. Whites go behind the line and hope the money comes out.

“Direct Care Workforce”: The bill provides শ্রমিক 1.48 billion to workers’ unions and community organizations for hiring and training workers to care for the elderly or disabled at home. The highest priority is to train workers in their rights and to organize them. This is your tax dollar for creating a new force of potential democratic voters.

The bill provides for a preferential tax for union dues, additional tax credits for the purchase of union-made electric vehicles, and a tenfold increase in civil penalties against employers who oppose unionization.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the build-back better “about children.” New York Times columnist Paul Krugman reiterated the claim that the bill is about protecting children’s futures.

Truth be told, the bill harms our children and grandchildren. It adds hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal debt, forcing the next generation to pay interest and capital on what we have borrowed instead of taking care of ourselves.

Democrats can’t think their laws are true. To break the stalemate in Congress, they have kept programs intact but have been financing them for a short time – in some cases the first five years instead of 10. It’s a hoax. Manchin is not stupid. “These programs will never go away,” he says. She is right. Qualifications are forever.

The bill has already cost r. 5 trillion due to similar scams. The child care tax credit, or monthly biden money, is only financed for five years.

Democrats are proud to offer the “Universal Pre-K” but for now, the bill is only fully funded for one year একটি a return.

Same with the promise of a “free” community college. The bill is fully funded by 2024. An exception: colleges providing services to minorities are funded by 2030.

Whatever the actual cost of the bill, it is bad for America. Ethnic preferences and bias towards unions will further divide us. And the wide array of new gifts is an insult to working people who support their own families.

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