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A crypto investor has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Inc. after downloading a malicious application from the company’s App Store, which led to the theft of its cryptocurrency.

Apple has filed a lawsuit against the theft of cryptocurrency due to malicious apps

Hadona Deep, a Maryland resident and full-time cyber-security IT professional, has filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple Inc. He complained that the company had approved and maintained “a malicious application” in its app store despite having knowledge of criminal activity, in addition, the company failed to inform him and class members that their financial information had been compromised.

The lawsuit states that “since the plaintiff knew, or at least thought he knew, the Apple App Store had thoroughly tested the applications before giving them permission, the plaintiff downloaded the app known as Toast Plus from the Apple App Store in March 2020 or later on his iPhone.” . “

The plaintiff believed that “Toast Plus was a version of Toast Wallet, a well-known cryptocurrency wallet, because the names were the same and the logo used for the app in the App Store was the same or almost identical.”

In January 2011, the plaintiff transferred about 4 XRPs from the crypto exchange Bitrex to a secure crypto wallet called Repex. However, the repex closes a month later so the plaintiff accesses his coin through his wallet and attaches “his personal XRP key, or a seed phrase, to Toast Plus in March 2021.”

The court documents contain notes:

Since the plaintiff intended to hold XRP as an investment and not actively trade it, he did not test the Toast Wallet Plus application after entering his seed phrase. In August 2021, the plaintiff checked his account at Toast Plus and discovered that his wallet did not contain only XRP, account March, 2021 his account was ‘deleted’.

Diep began investigating the matter and discovered that “Toast Plus was not actually a version of the legitimate Toast Wallet app, but a ‘spoofing’ or ‘phishing’ program created solely for the purpose of stealing cryptocurrencies. Routing on hackers’ personal accounts.

The plaintiff claims that Apple violated several laws, including the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Maryland Privacy and Consumer Protection Act, and the personal data protection and consumer protection laws in each state.

The plaintiff wanted a “reward.” [of] Statutory, actual or indemnified damages “for her and the class” to the maximum extent permitted by law “she” “reasonable compensation for acting as a class representative” and “interest before and after trial at legal rate” and “further relief if the court deems fair and appropriate” “Wanted.

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