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San Francisco Mayor London Breed unwittingly sued the indoor mask mandate he imposed on city residents, all while trying to justify his own disobedience to the rules he imposed.

“I think it’s sad that it’s even a story,” the San Francisco Democrat told reporters after revealing the news of his unmasked participation in a jazz club on Friday. “There was something really memorable that happened, and that is Tony! Tony! Tony!

“What’s missing here is very unfortunate,” continued the species, whose executive order states that “masks can be removed while actively eating or drinking at events other than indoor dining, such as live performances and movies.” When another reporter pointed out that the mayor was not wearing a mask, actively eating or drinking, his next excuse was a bit strange: “I was feeling the spirit. I wasn’t thinking about a mask; I was thinking about having a good time.”

Breed mentioned several times that everyone at the scene was vaccinated under current city law. He failed to notice that the spaces filled by the exclusively vaccinated man were not free from the order of his inner mask.

“No, I’m not sucking and I’ll put on my mask, I’ll give you a sip and I’ll put on my mask, I’ll give you a sip and I’ll put on my mask, I’ll eat and I’ll put on my mask,” the breeding continued. “When I’m eating and drinking, yes, I’ll keep my mask off.” When he goes to the restaurant, Breed says, “Same thing, when I’m enjoying my meal I’m taking off my mask, I’m not putting it on, I’m taking it off … You all know it’s not realistic … We don’t have to try to manage and we don’t have to say what we should or shouldn’t do. We know what we have to do to protect ourselves. “

He is right: it is No. Was it realistic or, I think, realistic to expect Breed to follow his own strict COVID rules? Earlier in the epidemic, the night after California Governor Gavin Newsom dined at the French laundry, Breed had his own scandal when reporters realized he too had eaten at a Michelin-star restaurant to celebrate the 60th birthday of socialite Goretti Louis. As politicians like Newsom and Breed warned their elements to avoid large gatherings to prevent the horrific November 2020 coup in California, they were both quickly caught doing the opposite.

Now that he has been caught red-handed, Breed has briefly stated that indoor mask mandates are not only required at venues for vaccinated people to work safely. The risk of groundbreaking infections is low – and even for those who unfortunately get vaccinated for a few who have been vaccinated, they are more likely to rest (or gallivant) than are likely to die from them. The clan has the full power to end the mandate now that he has realized how stupid it is in practice and now that he has rightly reprimanded the idea of ​​sending fun cops how adults enjoy themselves.

But in light of the sacred traditions of epidemic-era politicians, if Breed expects his elements to comply with even minor rules, he makes exceptions whenever he personally “feels the spirit”.

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