Crazy Federal Clinton judge in Texas rejects pilots’ move to block Southwest Airlines vaccine mandate

It is time to remove these liberal judges from the bench. The damage they have done to this country and to millions of Americans through their ruthless and unjust judgment is unforgivable.

A biased Clinton-appointed Texas judge named Barbara Lynn has rejected a bid from pilots in a Southwest Airlines case, claiming that companies were right to force their employees to get the covid vaccine. Clearly, this judge is unfair and many COVIDs do not have the power to understand lies.

CBS News reports:

A federal judge has rejected pilots’ attempts to block Southwest Airlines from imposing a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, saying carriers have the right to take their shots.

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U.S. District Judge Barbara Lynn denied the airline’s pilot union’s request for a temporary injunction against the airline’s requirements. The judge ruled Tuesday that the vaccine may be needed to improve legal security and maintain its activities in the Southwest.

Federal contractors, including airlines that have contracts with the Southwest government, have asked workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to comply with the Biden administration’s requirements.

In recent days, the airline has weakened the requirement to say that employees who fail to comply will not be fired. Southwest has openly urged workers to seek a medical or religious exemption from vaccination if they object to getting shots.

Southwestern pilots have sued to prevent the company from taking the covid vaccine as a job requirement.

Biden Vaccine will abide by ‘mandate’ on Southwest Airlines Texas ban as flight cancellations continue

The Southwest Mandate insists that Biden is pushing for a vaccine, but many believe this is not the case. This whole thing stinks and now a Clinton judge has made it worse. May freedom be cursed.

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