Cowboys ‘post press cut is Jalen Harts’ blueprint QB of Philly

Jelen Harts
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There is a reason why people say patience is a virtue.

There is no such thing as a revelation that comes with time.

Cowboys quarterback Duck Prescott is a prime example of these two words. What we have seen from Prescott at the start of this season is many years of hard work and working properly in this league. He has full command of the Dallas offense and he is playing a defensive game.

The first three weeks of Prescott’s Dallas CN look like the NFC’s most impressive teams. He has completed .5.5 percent of his passes and has a to-to-1 touchdown to interception ratio so far. He just beat Jellen Harts and Aggals in primetime Monday night football And square in the MVP conversation.

But the prescott we saw breaking the agglomerates was not always the same prescott we saw early in his career. He had a lot of games that were similar to the Hearts game on Monday night. I remember when people questioned Prescott’s accuracy and his pocket order. I also remember when people weren’t told about being a future quarterback for the Cowboys.

It brings me to the heart. The young Philly quarterback has faced some questions that Prescott faced early in his career. Some of that has been fair to Hart, but you have to keep in mind that he hasn’t started the entire season in the NFL yet. In just one offseason, Hearts has already improved its completion percentage 14 percent In the first three matches. He has improved more than his pass rating 20 points.

If you look back at his college career, Harts has only gotten better since his sophomore year. He’s a guy who, like Prescott, has the skills of upward trending. Harts also has a similar leadership presence and mental toughness that allows him to effectively lead a team. The only thing to do with Hearts is to be more consistent with its accuracy. And that’s something I’m sure she’ll do and get better because she’s wired just like that. People with Prescott and Hearts mentality are rare, no matter how long their road to prosperity, they will take one step at a time to ensure they get there.

It can take a while for you to see all the work come together and get wound up like Prescott.

Philly, you can see the blueprint right in front of you. Be patient and be prepared to reap the benefits of Super Bowl-level quarterbacks.

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