Covid-1 cases and deaths continue to decline – a global issue

Compared to the previous week, this represents a nine percent reduction in cases, although deaths were similar, the WHO said in its weekly epidemic update. This continues the trend observed since August.

Week of September 27 to October 3, The number of new cases has dropped in all regions except Europe, which was the same as the previous weekE

The highest declines in new weekly cases were in Africa (per cent), followed by the eastern Mediterranean (21 per cent), Southeast Asia (1 per cent), the Americas (12 per cent) and the western Pacific.

4.8 million deaths

The N.The number of confirmed cases worldwide now stands at more than 234 million, Just under 4.8 million.

There have been reports of large declines in the number of new weekly deaths in all regions except America and Europe. Both of these regions reported weekly deaths of the same type as the previous week.

The The highest drop in weekly deaths occurred from AfricaIt is down 25 percent from the previous week.

According to the update, the regions with the highest weekly case infection rates per 100,000 population were Europe (123.1 new cases per 100,000) and America (109.5 new cases per 100,000), while the same two regions had the highest death rate per 100,000 population; America (2.4 new cases per 100,000) and Europe (1.6 new cases per 100,000).

The United States is leading the way in new cases

The United States (760,571), the United Kingdom (239,781 new cases; as of last week), Turkey (197,277 new cases; as of last week), the Russian Federation (165,623 new cases; 13 percent increase), and India (161,158 new) Lawsuits; 21 percent reduction)

Worldwide, the report found that Alpha variants have been reported in 195 countries, Region or area (two new countries have been added since last week), while 145 countries (3 new countries since last week) reported beta variants; And countries have reported cases of gamma variants (new countries since last week).

The Delta variants have been reported in 192 countries (Seven new countries since last week) in six regions of the WHO, until 5 October.

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