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A federal court has temporarily suspended the application of Texas’ new “heartbeat law.” Controversial laws prohibiting abortion once the cardiac activity of the fetus can be identified and can be prosecuted against those who think they have had or have had an abortion. Senate Bill (SB) 8 – which came into force on September 1 – has already created a number of lawsuits and an appeal for intervention in the Supreme Court. But Scott said the law, as it was written (applied through personal lawsuits, not state action), has yet to do so. Subsequently, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit against the law.

Now The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas has sided with the federal government. In an October ruling, the court rejected the Texas lawsuit’s dismissal and granted the Fed’s urgent offer for a temporary restraining order or initial injunction. That means SB8 is stuck, the next legal process is left.

“From the moment SB8 Effective, Women They have been restrained from exercising illegally Control over their livess that is Protected by Constitution, “the district court said.”That other court could find one The way to avoid this conclusion is theirss to decide; This CWe will not Approval One more day This Aggressive deprivation Of Such an importantLots That’s right. “

From the outset, the district court’s decision criticized the Texas move. “A PErsOhnShots The right under the Constitution to have an abortionBefore the fetus Efficacy is well established“It says.” Fully aware Which is depriving its citizens from this rigIt would be unconstitutional to take direct state action, [Texas] An unprecedented and transparent statutory plan has been drawn up to do this. “

The court rejected many of Texas’ arguments for dismissing the case, including the argument that the federal government could not bring it (because it could not show enough injury). “The federal government, which is part of the SBS, is blocking the ABAbility to provide abortionRelated Mandatory service by rules, Law, and litigation law, the United States has met its burden Show a specific, specific and actual injury, ”the court ruled. “By imposing দায় 10,000 or more in damages on any person for performing an abortion, persuasion, assistance or persuasion, SB8 inflicts financial loss on the federal government, its employees and its contractors.”

In addition, the court said that “The U.Knight States arguess that it has ‘deep sovereign interests’ to justify its citizens [sic] Constitutional rights and ensuring that right ‘will be acquitted in federal court. “

“W.The chicken, as here, appears in a state to Depriving people of them Constitutional rights adopted by the Federal Judicial Review, a scheme designed to avoid United There is sovereignty among the statesInterest in such resistance A Loss, “The court continued.

Whether there is a reason for the Fed to act, the court noted that “The SB8 was Deliberately craftEd to avoid editing Through the courts. Yet it is this very lack of remedy that makes an order appropriate RemedyIn fact, the only remedy for this blatant constitutional violationIt says:

There is no reason action created What?ngress required To sustain U.S. action; Rather, the traditional theoretical principle of equality Allow United States To issue an order to protect his sovereign rights and fundamental rights The rights of its citizens Under Situation createdt here.

Whether any precedent for interstate trade applies – Texas argued that it did not, because its abortion bans are stimulating interstate trade, the court said:

THe understands SB8’s special features of interstate trade even beyond its influence Conventional law. Increasing accountability to individuals anywhere in the country, SB 8Shots StructureE All But ensures that it will affect trade across the state LineWhether through insurance Company pays Texas abortion, bank processing payments, medical device suppliers outfitting provider, or Transporter For their recruitment of patientsDarknts

In addition to imposing liabsThe law has already had an impact on those coming to Texas Pushing people seeking abortion to another state. This Flow Uniqueuals Across The state line implies the clinicics in Nearby States and prevents pregnancy
person in sNeighborhood states from accessing abortions due to backlog. These Damages the interstate Trade independently is sufficient to support the right of the United States to sue in this case.

All court results “It leads The United States has come to the conclusion Enough Possibly Success On The merits of its claimShots That’s it Significantly lITo it SB8 ViolaYours Fortynth Correction, As an InconsistencyRepetitive EastEfficacy ABOhAndTAyon you, Or AShots AnconstitutionaL Youndue burdOn Ohn PREEfficacy abortion, “the court wrote.” This too Possible enough That SB8 Unconstitutionally No.With rferes Policies EastEMPTOn And Intergovernment iCommunity. ”

Texas government agents are now barred from enforcing the law, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.Including To accept Or docking, MomMaintain, Hearing, Solve, Provide compensation Inside, OnTo force to judgeIn, Which to apply Administrative fines Inside, And ARule No lawsuitsBring it followed Per [it]. “

Free mind

Twitter has started adding trigger alerts to some discussions. Below are some tweets Which says a “heads up” warning “Such conversations can be intense.”

So far, the results are interesting.

Twitter Hall Test several new prompts “It warns before a conversation can get heated,” notes Edge:

In one instance, a prompt is omitted directly from an ongoing conversation that states that “this type of conversation can be intense.” In the other, which seems like if you try to answer one of those intense conversations, the headline “look at each other” and sets three bullet points to encourage sympathetic and truth-based conversations.… Another prompt, for example, may be offensive. Some warn you before tweeting.

Free market

Good news for food freedom:

Hit fast

If Congress does not increase the debt limit, the government may start defaulting on the provision of social security.

D DOJ is launching a new national cryptocurrency enforcement team.

Ron “The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that they are recommending the approval of the Mosquito Malaria Vaccine,” Ron Bailey reported.

August United States.6. has collected more than a billion dollars in tariffs. “This is an amount that has exceeded the maximum single month total during the Trump administration and that has reduced monthly tariff revenue from the previous year,” Eric Boehme notes.

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