Court-martial appointed for Stuart Schiller, Marine who criticized withdrawal of Afghanistan

A U.S. Marine who posted a video on social media criticizing the military leadership and the Biden administration’s withdrawal from Afghanistan will face a court-martial hearing next Thursday and Friday at the North Carolina Marine Corps Base Camp Legion.

Lt. Col. Stuart Schiller Jr. faces six misdemeanor-level charges, including intentional disobedience of a superior commissioned officer, negligence in the performance of duty, and the conduct of an officer and a gentleman.

Schiller was released from the brigade last week for violating an agreement to stay away from social media.

He was relieved of his command at the Camp Legion’s Infantry Training Battalion in August after posting videos on Facebook and LinkedIn following the August 1 bombing of Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport that killed a U.S. military member and dozens of Afghan civilians.

Marines who have criticized Afghanistan’s military leaders have left charged with six offenses

“Did anyone raise their hand and say, ‘We’ve made it all the way?'” Sheila asked in a video. “I’m not saying we can take back what we did. All I wanted was accountability, for people to comment on what I said and ‘yes. It was wrong.’ And if they did, I would go back to the rank and file, submit and get what I wanted. “

Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Schiller Jr. has faced six misdemeanor-level allegations for criticizing the withdrawal of Afghanistan on social media.
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Many conservatives have rallied behind Schiller to talk of a chaotic withdrawal from the 20-year war, and his parents say his punishment seems unreasonable.

“They’re trying to bury our son,” his mother, Cathy Shelley, told Tucker Carlson late last month.

“He broke the chain of command … his crime was telling the truth to the authorities, and the authorities could not handle it,” his father, Stu Shelley, said in the same interview. “When he broke the chain of command – [Gens.] Austin, Millie, McKenzie – they have broken the shackles of trust and confidence of the American people. We’re crazy, we’re crazy like hell. “

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Scheller is a decorated Marine who has served for 17 years.

His other allegations include contempt of officers, disrespect to higher commissioned officers and failure to obey orders or rules.

Fox News’ Lucas Y. Tomlinson, Hannah Grossman, Angelica Stable and Michael Lee contributed to this report.

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