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A court in Tatarstan has recently remanded Kirill Doronin, founder of Russia’s largest ponzi scheme, to Finico. Drone will spend at least two more months in custody because authorities fear he may be hiding from law enforcement. Ilgis Shakirav, vice president of the crypto pyramid, is also trapped.

Phoenician mastermind Dronin has denied house arrest

The Bakhitovsky district court in Kazan, the capital of the Russian republic of Tatarstan, has decided to detain two prominent figures in the Finico crypto pyramid. This week, the court announced that it had extended the detention period of Kirill Doronin, who founded the Ponzi scheme in December 2018. It defrauded millions of investors before Finico was arrested in July this year.

The three lawyers representing the founder of Finico asked the judicial authorities to keep Doronin under house arrest, insisting that he should take care of his pregnant wife with her third child. The court, however, rejected their plea, citing the severity of the charges against him and the risk of his hiding from investigators, putting pressure on witnesses and engaging in other criminal activities. The judges further noted that he has a Turkish passport and does not reside at his official address.

Dronin, an Instagram influencer linked to other Ponzi schemes in the past, admitted, citing local media outlet Releno Vremia, that he was well aware of the risks he was taking. Said that analysis of the investigation material showed that his role was “not effective in asset management” and stated:

I want to understand what is happening, and why I am accused of embezzlement.

With the promise of remarkably high returns, Finico persuaded investors in the region and beyond, including Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Hungary, Austria, Germany and the United States. So far, more than 3,300 complaints have been lodged. According to a report by Chinalysis, the Ponzi scheme received $ 1.5 billion in bitcoin in less than two years of existence.

The crypto pyramid ‘vice president’ Ilgis Shakirav is in custody

In addition to Dronin, Tatarstan authorities this month arrested Ilgis Shakirov, the “vice president” of the crypto pyramid, a Kazan businessman who rose to prominence in the Phantom entity for allegedly attracting one million people to the register scheme. On Wednesday, the Vyacheslav District Court extended his detention until the last Sunday in November – the same date given to Doronin.

The law enforcement agency of the Russian Republic also arrested two women from the Crypto Pyramid group. Another “vice president” Dina Gabdulina and Lilia Nureyeva, who have earned so-called “tenth star” status in the Finico classification, are suspected of persuading investors for more than 10 10 million in scams through multi-level marketing strategies. .

International arrest warrants have been issued for three other co-founders, Zygmunt Zygmuntovic and Marat and Edward Sabirov, who managed to leave Russia before the investigation began in late July. According to media reports, the court authorities allowed investigators to seize control of 12 real estate properties of Zygmuntovich and Kirill Doronin.

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