Counts lash out after Senate Republicans raise the Debt threshold

Chuck Count

The Senate GOP on Monday blocked a measure that would raise the debt limit.

The bill needed 60 “yes” votes to overcome the filibuster and open debate.

The total vote was 48 ‘yes’ to 50 ‘no’ – and the count blew up a gasket

The government funding period is 11:59:59 and the count is expected to bring another vote later this week before the end of Thursday.

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The AP reports:

Republican senators blocked a bill Monday night to allow the government to run and adopt a federal orron, but Democrats are likely to try again with the goal of avoiding a shutdown – as well as moving forward with a larger plan to restructure President Joe Biden’s government.

Efforts are not necessarily connected, but last Thursday the government’s fundraising deadline for the fiscal year is jumping against Democrats ’bid for progress in the broader $ 3.5 trillion federal overhaul.

All this is creating a turbulent moment for Biden and his party, the outcome of which will determine the very own political future of his presidency and lawmakers.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says the GOP will not vote to raise the debt limit.

“For more than two months now, Senate Republicans have been clear about how effective this process will be. So let me be clear once again, we will support a clear continued resolution that will prevent an official shutdown. “We will not vote for the Republicans to raise the debt limit,” McConnell said.

Schumer mocked the Republicans and called the GOP the “default party.”

“Senate Republicans are playing games with the full trust and credit of the United States,” Schumer said, adding that social security tests, Medicare benefits, seniors benefits and more are in the chopping block.

The count took him to the Senate floor before the vote and warned that it would be disastrous if Republicans blocked the limit increase.


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