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Week of September 20 – 26, 2021

Bring a healing vibe! Monday, September 20, marks the only Pisces full moon of the year, strengthening your well-being and the sixth house of self-care, work and service. And don’t think that these things don’t go hand in hand! This is the old “put your own oxygen mask first” theory, cotton. If you are rushing to the rescue or lighting candles on both ends to meet impossible needs, your health will suffer. This does not mean that you should ignore friends who really need you. Do better to understand the real crises from the Mercy Party. And the more you put your needs at the top of the list, the more stress you will face and the inevitable challenges that life will throw at you. And when you live by those values, you show others what healthy self-esteem is and you show them how you want to behave. This lunar light illuminates the quality (and quantity) of your obedience. If you realize you’re getting a little short in that section, change your priorities. Since this moon is the sign of the soft water of Pisces, and since that sign “rules” your Mars, you can take your workouts to the pool or if you live near lucky water, there

Oh, it’s cotton season! Clean the ruins before the fun loving sun bursts through the last hole of your interior twelfth house and burn in your mark on Wednesday! From now until October 2nd, you can throw away old luggage and stop lamenting exploding opportunities. It’s time to dump her and move on! While El Soul has been languishing in low-power mode through your sleepy twelfth house for the past four weeks, you may have been hurt or deeply saddened by the separation, but you are a hopeless romantic, and with the energy in the air, you can express those high-minded goals. Gas to hit! Whatever you have in mind – new partner, job or home – you can start calling next month.

Too jealous? Well, it’s a strategy question because, in general, the answer is no. But this week, especially Thursday, you may have a visit from the Z-Eye Monster. Your ruler, the right-minded Venus, is opposed to Uranus in Scorpio and the eighth house of your intense emotions. But no one can be blamed or accused until you have the information. This can lead to chronic insecurity. Remember, since relationships are the best mirror, look at what your feelings might express about you (not “them”). Not getting transparency? Talk to a friend or therapist about it.

Saturday is a great day for real discussion, with a straight shooter Mars with your diplomatic sign in a reasonable Saturn Kahu. Think about your key points and plan to get to the point – after greasing the wheels with a little authentic inter-person connection. Ask the other person for their feedback and don’t forget to really listen. Then, hopefully, you can discuss a way forward that is interesting to both of you!

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