Conservatives have resigned from Biden’s Supreme Court commission

Biden’s Supreme Court commission released a preliminary draft on Friday.

The commission came out against increasing the number of Supreme Court judges – but said it supported the term of judges.

The Conservative Brief reports:

The U.S. Supreme Court Commission, formed by Joe Biden earlier this year, has spoken out against increasing the number of judges in the high court.

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According to the preliminary draft material, the commission further stated that it supports the term limitation of judges who have a lifetime appointment.

Preliminary results were released the same day, with two conservatives resigning.

Caleb Nelson and Jack Goldsmith, two Conservatives in the Supreme Court Commission, both announced their resignations on Friday.

The Hill reports:

Two Conservative members have resigned from a bilateral panel as President Biden meets to study Supreme Court reform proposals.

Caleb Nelson, a law professor at the University of Virginia, a former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas, and Jack Goldsmith, a former top Harvard law professor, left the Judiciary Council under President George W. Bush on Friday.

Nelson confirmed to The Hill that he had resigned, adding “it is an honor for me to be part of the commission.” Goldsmith did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The White House issued a statement regarding the resignation:

White House spokesman Andrew Bates said in a statement that “these two commissioners have chosen to bring their involvement closer together.” “We respect their decision and appreciate the significant contribution they have made over the past 5 months in preparing for this discussion.”

The report of the Biden Supreme Court Commission angered the Liberals in Congress.

In a statement, some Liberal lawmakers said the draft report “missed the mark.”

The Epoch Times reports:

Left-wing lawmakers are outraged by a draft report by the Presidential Commission on the expansion of the Supreme Court of the United States (PCSCUS).

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee is progressive member Jerry Nadler (DN.Y.), and Reps. To pack the court

“The White House Commission missed the mark in the Supreme Court draft. After Republicans set the precedent for many years, breaking their own rules and stealing Supreme Court seats, we must restore the legitimacy and integrity of the courts and undo the damage that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have done to our democracy. Press statement.

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