ComputeCoin launches Testnet with top crypto mining after securing $ 2M funds uring CryptoNinjas

ComputeCoin Network (CCN), a self-developed computer built to serve Metaverse at a cost of 2 2 million, today announced the launch of its TestNet. With some of the top crypto mines like Ethereum (ETH), Filecoin (FIL), and Swarm (BZZ) mining, CCN invites interested and eligible miners to apply by October 11, 2021. ComputeCoin will distribute a limited number of Metaverse Mining Pass (NFT) to high quality applicants.

The computational needs of metavers applications will be on an unprecedented scale, even surpassing the capabilities of legacy tech giants and large blockchains. Unlike other Layer-1 blockchain projects, ComputeCoin primarily enables metavers applications by integrating and dynamically configuring decentralized clouds such as FileCoin, Definition, and data centers to empower users (e.g., VR / AR gaming) for immersive experiences.

“ComputerCoin is the first project to address the computational challenges facing Metaverse applications in particular. We envision a platform that can provide rich, low-cost, instant and reliable computing power to MetaVavers developers and users. For the past two years, we “We are working hard. We are finally thrilled to be able to invite diggers to our testnet.”
– Murad Majuni, CEO of ComputeCoin


Emerging as a research project at a major university in 2018, the ComputeCoin project now has the support of leading scholars and researchers, such as Dr. Steve Liu, an IEEE Fellow, and Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering; And Dr. Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Michael Saunders. ComputeCoin is also proud of its expert team of other IEEE Fellows and Professors.

Already in possession of a number of proprietary U.S. patents, ComputeCoin’s patented sensing algorithm, Proof of Integrity (PoH), makes it possible for users to prove the results of outsourced computing work to their autonomous ecosystem. Another patent, distributed computing using blockchain technology, provides a basic architecture for decentralized clouds.

Interested miners can apply to participate in the 1st episode of TestNet; At the next stage of the testnet, the miners will bid for the certificate at an auction.

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