College Girls’ Sex Lives release date, cast news and spoilers guide

If you love No I never have, Creator Mindy Calling has saved a lot more for you: Actress, Writer, Director and Producer Leading with HBO Max The sex life of college girls. Comedy follows four college roommates from different backgrounds as they navigate the social life, hormones and their new freedom on campus at Essex College in New England. Here’s what else to know.

When is it out?

The first two episodes premiered on HBO Max on Thursday, November 18, followed by three new episodes on November 25, three more on December 2, and the last two on December 9. There are 10 episodes in total.

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Still have a trailer?

The official teaser, shared by HBO Max on September 22, introduces us to a quarter of the night that feels as bad as night. The next morning, someone’s alarm goes off in the dormitory, throwing roommates into ridiculous, hangover chaos.

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Who’s in it?

Pauline Chalamet (King of Staten Island, And yes Timothy plays his brother Kimberly, a book-smart valedictorian who lives in a working-class Arizona suburb. He is “academically ready for college – but not so socially” Diversity.

Amrit Kaur (D cut, Kim’s advantage) Starring Bella, a comedy-lover “Cornball” who has no filters. She claims to be a wealthy, northern New Jersey suburb and sex positive, even though she lost her virginity just two weeks ago. Diversity.

Rene Rap (Average girls Broadway) starring Leighton, who grew up in a wealthy, Republican family on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

Newcomer Alia Chanel plays Scott Whitney, who entered Essex as a rising football star after graduating from prep school in Los Angeles. She is the daughter of “the strongest black senator in the country.”

Regulars in the series include Midori Francis, Gavin Leatherwood, Chris Meyer, Ilia Isorelis Polyno, Lauren Spencer and Renica Williams.

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What is it about?

Calling told in August, “About four young women who were randomly hired as college roommates at a fictional East Coast college in Vermont, called Essex College.” “It’s a mix of different experiences from me and my co-creator Justin Noble. The girls are very different from each other, and we get to see them at the beginning of their new year and they are all very ambitious. We see how they navigate class and romantic relationships.

Calling added that the new series feels “obviously more adult” No I never have (The title alone gives it) But it doesn’t just focus on sex; It “tackles the challenge of being young in college.”

College has done “a lot of research” on college campus life, Calling added. “It’s a hotbed for activism, and it can also be a really scary place. We were able to explore a lot of different things, but we wanted to do it through the lens, as I always do, of comedy and variety. We talked about different things, but with a sense of humor about it. ”

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