College Football Rankings: Alabama rates to Texas A&M mean for Georgia, Iowa and more

When Alabama lost, college football caught the world’s eye.

That was true when the top Crimson Tide stunned Texas A&M on Saturday, falling 41-38 at College Station to lose their first game since the 2019 regular season. It ended a long-running Alabama streak, including 100 straight wins against an unbroken opponent and 24 Nick Saban wins over former assistants.

More importantly, the Alabama rate will create a significant jolt in the latest college football rankings. Although the AP Top 25 and Coach Poll often vote differently over their respective top 25 teams, perhaps we can determine how Alabama’s defeat will affect other teams competing for the college football playoff spot.

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Chief among those teams were Georgia and Iowa, which benefited greatly from the Ajax disaster. But it will affect other teams such as Oklahoma, Cincinnati and many more.

In addition, Sporting News breaks down how each of those teams should be ranked in the latest college football vote:

The AP rankings reflect the AP Top 25 / Coach poll

Georgia (6-0)

Previous terms: 2/2

No more controversy: Georgia are the clear number one team in the country after Saturday’s Slate of Games. The Bulldogs took care of the business against No. 18 Auburn at the Jordan-Hare Stadium, beating the Tigers 34-10 and putting up another defensive clinic. That unit forced six Auburn Ponts, two Turnover Downs and one Interception. In offense, the Bulldogs showed no dropoff with Stetson Bennett, who completed 21 passes and two scores for 211 yards.

Before Saturday, it was Alabama, Georgia and everyone else. Now it’s just Georgia at the top.

Iowa (6-0)

Previous terms: 3/3

It wasn’t pretty, but Iowa’s No. Saturday’s best win over No. Penn State should ensure that hockey will rise from No. 1 to No. 2 in the latest poll. Defense is among the elite units of college football, with Penn State limited to a total of 287 yards, 5 of 16 in the third-down effort and 3 0 in the fourth-down effort. Also a credit to Spencer Petraeus for pushing Iowa back 17-3 in the second quarter.

A brutal kinetic stadium and Nitani Lions quarterback Shawn Clifford helped an unfortunate start to the start, but it didn’t go away from an impressive comeback win.

Cincinnati (5-0)

Previous terms: 5/6

The Bearcats are the only team in the top 5 who can make the play-offs and in Friday’s 52-3 win at the Temple they did nothing to hurt their chances. Bearcats can jump into at least four or five teams, depending on the vote. Cincinnati also has a great quarterback from Desmond Reader, who completed 22 of 30 passes for 259 yards and three scores against the Apes. This team can compete with Power 5, no doubt.

Unfortunately, the Bearcats have 5 status in the group and they can’t stop them for one more week as they beat the 3-3 Temple team, but rather let the other team jump into their selection.

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Oklahoma (6-0)

Previous terms: 6/5

Oklahoma made history on Saturday, beating No. 21 Texas 55-4, overcoming a 2-7-first first-quarter deficit. Coach Lincoln Riley will have to start quarterback Spencer Ratler on behalf of Claire Williams, who paid dividends on the return of the Red River showdown.

Soon there is another single-possession victory in their biography, which could prevent voters from blocking them in front of the Bearcats in Sunday’s election. Or they may be fascinated by Williams ’play, so they take 4th place in both elections. The only real threat in the Sunars Big 12 slate is unbeaten, 5-0 Oklahoma State in Bedlam.

Ohio State (5-1)

Previous terms: 7/7

The Bookies are looking much more impressive after a lazy start to the season, beating Maryland 1-17 in Columbus on Saturday. Considering the two top-five teams before losing to Buckeyes on Saturday, this could put Buckeyes up two places. But perhaps Alabama won’t get them down in the election, limiting the number of spots they’re heading towards.

At the moment, the state of Ohio doesn’t have to worry about what its ranking is in the AP Top 25 or Coach Poll; Win, and you’re in the college football playoffs. Haro, and you’re out. It’s that simple.

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Michigan (6-0)

Previous terms: 9/8

On boats like the state of Michigan Ohio; Alabama will go down, but it’s possible that they only read a few spots, meaning Michigan will only have to rise one place in the spot rankings. The Wolverines suddenly got what they wanted from a competitive Nebraska team, winning 2-2 to stay unbeaten on a 22-2 win in Lincoln.

Michigan should be given a slight push in the rankings, but the top five will not slip without some important help or some win over the top programs. Michigan State, Penn State and Ohio State will not miss their opportunities on the horizon.

Alabama (5-1)

Previous terms: 1/1

Where will Alabama be after the first loss of the season? The tide didn’t play particularly well, but voters were quite flexible towards the soap team after losing in the past. It is unlikely that the Crimson Tide will be in the top four of the playoff rankings, but they could still be in the top five, especially if Penn State loses on Saturday.

The Crimson Tide will likely fall in the 5-7 range in Sunday’s election, jockeying for positions in the states of Cincinnati, Oklahoma and Ohio. Whatever the case, Saturday’s loss doesn’t do much to change Alabama’s playoff status. If it wins, it will play-off again. But the Crimson Tide no longer has Mulligan to rely on for the rest of the season.

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