Cointelegraph should make this easier for first time buyers

Whether it’s baseball players or shiny Pokemon cards, collections have been the cultural core of human behavior since the Renaissance. Clothing items worn by famous movie souvenirs or celebrities can be auctioned off and sold in tears. Take a prototype Batmobile from the Batman TV show of the 180s, it was Sold 4. 4.2 million. With collection materials, the concept itself is simple: the value of an item is based on its deficit. The lower it is, the higher its value.

This idea is the driving force behind explosive growth Invalid token (NFT). Widely traded on blockchains, NFTs are essentially collectibles that have been digitized. Whether it is very popular Limited cryptocurrency incarnation Or Jack Dorsey’s first tweet, NFTs are big money and those who managed to catch rare NFTs will always have proof of ownership, because this data is in the blockchain.

Simon U. CEO and co-founder of StormX. He has been in the blockchain space since 2015 and was an interested speaker and early builder in the industry. Simon has appeared in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, Nasdaq, Business Insider and many more.