Coinbase Prime is launching with update capabilities

Greg Snow, Vice President, Institutional Products

Since our beta launch in May, we have been working tirelessly to ensure that Coinbase Prime is the most comprehensive platform for institutional investors. Today, we are officially launching Coinbase Prime in all organizations. Coinbase Prime combines advanced trading, war-tested custody and financing into a single solution. Along the way, we continue to add more venues to our smart routers that allow clients the best available value, more resources in our custody capabilities, increase our post-trade reporting capabilities, and add to our post-trade credit financing options. .

Manage and build your portfolio with the most trusted brands in Crypto

Clients have used our extensive platform to run some of the largest businesses in the industry (read more about our work with Meitu, Microstrategy, and One River) because of our reputation as a publicly traded company, our trading, and the experience of protecting crypto assets. On scale, and because we offer equipment and service organizations to trade on scale. Moreover, Coinbase Prime is unique in providing institutional clients access to a wide range of assets for trading and custody.

Fully integrated trading and custody

Our unified solutions allow clients to transfer assets quickly and seamlessly between their trading balance (hot) and vault (cold).

The best price on the market through our proprietary technology

Our smart order routers allow you to enter the larger crypto market. When you make a trade, we automatically route your order to our Venue Network so you can find the best price for the trade with a fee. These places include Coinbase Exchange as well as other crypto exchanges and market makers – all of which have exceeded the standards of our hard work.

Create your implementation strategy

Our Execution Services team is available to evaluate market conditions across multiple time zones and provide pre-trade support, providing seamless transition from ‘high touch’ trades to self-directed electronic trades that use the platform directly.

Our post-trade reporting capabilities complement our agency trading model by providing transparency in order routing. We also show trade performance against various execution benchmarks.

Save your assets with a war-tested crypto custodian

Maintain peace of mind by working with the most trusted name in crypto. We are a qualified guardian and have been protecting client assets for eight years.

All the tools you need to invest in scale

From working with our Execution Services team to assessing market conditions such as crypto-native features such as stacking and governance, Coinbase Prime has the tools and services needed to invest in crypto. We will continue to invest in the future of institutional crypto by bringing the best Coinbase to our clients. In the coming months, our teams look forward to launching powerful solutions like real-time market analytics and a mobile app that enables portfolio access and on-the-go sens reduction.

Sign up for Coinbase Prime

Get access to our main broker by navigating to Click “Start” and fill out the information required to apply for a Coinbase Prime account. For our existing clients who have a Coinbase Custody, Coinbase Exchange, or Tagomi account, we will invite you to transfer to Coinbase Prime in the near future.

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