Coinbase Cloud introduces Unified Developer Docs

Whether it’s integrating with trading, payment, or blockchain or crypto services, start building the future of crypto with Coinbase Cloud

Despite the momentum we see in the crypto ecosystem, building on blockchain is still incredibly challenging. Developers often have to create basic software to integrate basic crypto activities, such as trading or payments, into their products or services.

Coinbase Cloud is committed to empowering crypto developers by making their applications easier and faster. As part of this commitment, we’ve launched a new and streamlined Docs experience to help next-generation developers use APIs to strengthen Coinbase.

Start integrating with Coinbase APIs

Developers can integrate Coinbase with powerful APIs at from a single documentation site. Guides and references make it easy for developers to incorporate the original crypto primitive into their products and services, such as trading and payment.

Trade with Exchange API: Developers can access high-volume crypto trading, deep liquidity access, manage their accounts and market information through the Exchange API.

Accept crypto payments with it Trade API: Despite the convenience and speed of crypto transactions, secure and reliable infrastructure is required to receive crypto payments. With the Commerce API, businesses can securely and easily accept crypto payments.

Payment via PowerCrypto Trading and Exchange and Commerce API.

Simplify how you interact using blockchain Rosetta: Creating cross-chain products and services, or combining blockchain and other crypto services, is one of the most challenging tasks for developers. Each chain has different rules for conducting interactions. Using our open source project Rosetta, asset providers can integrate their blockchain with any crypto product or service that uses Rosetta. Crypto developers can standardize how they interact with multiple blockchains and quickly build cross-chain applications.

Easily connect Coinbase Wallet with your dApp: Using WalletLink With SDKs and documentation, developers can easily and securely add support for Coinbase Wallet to their dApp, making it easier for users to make transactions on mobile and the web.

Make user onboarding easier ‘Sign in with Coinbase‘: Sign in with Coinbase Coinbase users can easily sign in or sign up for the developer’s third party apps or services through their Coinbase account. With this integration, developers can expand their product or service access among existing Coinbase users, while reducing the need for their customers to manage multiple usernames and passwords.

By signing in with Coinbase, developers can use the Coinbase API to take authorized actions for their customers, such as buying, selling, depositing and withdrawing crypto, to provide a more seamless customer experience.

Offer an easy way for your users to sign in or sign up for your product or service by signing in with Coinbase.

Create a crypto future

Coinbase Cloud allows developers to build crypto applications and services, accelerate development timelines, and allow teams to focus on improving their products rather than managing crypto infrastructure. We will continue to release additional APIs and services as part of the Coinbase Cloud. This is just the first step in what is to come.

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