CNN’s Chris Kuomo accused of sexual harassment by ex-boss in NYT op-ed

Shelley Ross, a former executive producer at ABC News, accused CNN’s Chris Cuomo of sexually harassing her while they were working together on the network.

Ross made his claim in a guest article in the New York Times.

He accused former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s younger brother, Cuomo, of squeezing his buttocks without his permission at a party in 2005.

“At the time, I was the executive producer of an ABC Entertainment special, but I was the executive producer of Mr. Cuomo on ‘Primetime Live’ just before that,” Ross wrote.

“I was at a party with my husband, who sat behind me with a sip of my diet coke while talking to my friends,” she said.

“When Mr. Kuomo entered the Upper West Side Bar, he walked over to me and greeted me with a bear hug, lowering one hand to hold and press my hips tight.”

Kuomo, according to his former producer, said, “You can do it now that you’re no longer my boss.”

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Chris Cuomo accused his former boss of sexual harassment

Shelley Ross, in order to substantiate her claim, sent an email from Cuomo shortly after the alleged incident where she appears to have apologized for her behavior.

“Now that I think about it … I’m ashamed,” read the contents of a 2005 email. Kuomo wrote to me, an hour later he sexually harassed me at a party going to an ABC colleague, ”Ross said.

Kuomo wrote: “As a husband, I can sympathize with my wife by not liking her in such a way.”

She seems to be referring to the fact that, according to Ross, her husband “watched the whole episode very closely.”

Kuomo apologized to Ross and her “very good and noble husband” and indicated that she would restrain herself next time “no matter how happy I am to see you.”

Ross said he did not want to see Kuomo fired from CON but wanted him to “repent as a journalist” for his alleged sin in the matter.

“This is an opportunity for him and his employer to show what accountability can be like in the #MeToo era,” he wrote.

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Cuomo tape on tape

Last year, The Political Insider reported on a conversation between Chris Cuomo and former lawyer Michael Cohen about alleged sexual misconduct on ABC.

“You know how many phone calls I’ve received from ABC people who say journalists are calling and lying about what they’ve heard about me, to try to get stories about me when I was on ABC?” Cuomo rants into the recording.

He advised that he does not need to harass people to go with women.

The boys call and say, ‘I heard he was ABC’s Charlie Rose. He would invite women to a hotel and open his bathrobe, ” said the modest CNN host states.

“Do I look like a guy who has to do it?”

Kuomo dismissed any charges against him at the time.

“The women who work there, ‘Oh yeah, you know, some of these men,’ my naming with the other boys, ‘you know, we once pushed each other in the elevator, and he put his hand on my shoulder, and he really kissed me. Made him uncomfortable, ” he laughed.

Chris Cuomo, affectionately referring to his audience as Fredo (well, some of them), is on fire during his brother’s recent scandal.

CNN Anchor was allowed to promote the former governor during the epidemic with “Love Gov” contexts and references, but remained silent on allegations of sexual harassment against more than 10 women.

Little Kuomo was summoned by a report from the New York Attorney General on the allegations, where it was revealed that he had created the governor’s response to the scandal.

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