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Covid has claimed another name in the NFL, but this time it’s not the player, it’s the pioneer for the best coach of the year: Arizona Cliff Keyngsbury.

Kingsbury, along with Cardinals general manager Steve Kem, quarterback coach Cam Turner and D-lineman Jack Allen, tested positive for Covid last night as news of the outbreak spread on the internet almost immediately after the Cardinals were finalized. Trade With the Philadelphia Gals Pro Bowl Tight and Jack Ertz. Kingsbury will not be able to travel to Cleveland this Sunday, with play-calling in charge of defensive coordinator Vance Joseph and assistant head coach Jeff Rogers.

Joseph has a history of drama calling. He served as head coach of the Denver Broncos in the 2017 and 2018 seasons, but did not live up to expectations, achieving an 11-21 record as head coach. The most memorable thing about Joseph’s tenure was Sergio Deep’s sideline report.

Despite his lack of success as head coach, Joseph says he wants to Another shot at the head coaching job And Sunday may be the best chance he can get to prove his worth.

Kingsbury out, and Star Pass-Rasher Chandler Jones Unable to play after being placed on the team’s coveted list earlier this week, I suspect many fans are expecting the Cardinals to suffer their first loss of the season. If Joseph could pull it off the road against one of the NFL’s most talented rosters … he could turn several heads in NFL circles.

Would a game be enough for him to win a major coaching job? No i mean Eric Beniemi He’s been an offensive mastermind for chiefs for years and he still hasn’t had a chance to pick up a clipboard for himself, and yes, he’s been calling plays there for a while. But if Joseph sincerely wants a second chance at head coaching in the NFL, he has to do well on Sunday.

Joseph was never given an elite roster in Denver. In their quarterback room in 2017 were Trevor Simian, Brock Osweiler and Anyone would rather play video games Than earning millions as an NFL quarterback. That doesn’t mean he was a good coach in bad situations. He was certainly a bad head coach, but now, with Arizona, he will have no excuse. If Joseph makes the Cardinals, one of the NFL’s most explosive offense, look humble this Sunday, he could kiss his main coaching dream goodbye.

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