Chunky loafers, vibrators, snacks, and more are the best sellers of September

In early 2021, we’ve seen old-fashioned choices, along with flannel shackets and shiny new backwear, as well as general-selling vibrators and nice-looking desk chairs. Even before the late summer winds blow, R29 readers অনুস according to our anonymous shopping data-use Labor Day and its sales as a catalyst for storing essentials in the fall (some of which you can still close a deal with!).

And, although our list of the most purchased products for September is filled with the fair share of cashmere sweaters and shiny loafers, some wackier wild cards are still random. , Read.

At Refinery 2 At, we have come to help you navigate this irresistible world. All selections in our market are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. All product details reflect price and availability at the time of publication. If you buy anything linked to our site, Refinery29 may receive a commission.

H&M collar sweatshirt dress

The transition from summer to summer is about keeping it casual. The cut of this sweater dress is light enough to keep you cool during the day and its soft-cotton blend fabric is comfortable enough to keep you warm at night. ‘Our fall clothing was an understandably huge hit in the round-up.

Shop H&M

H&M Collar sweatshirt dress, 6, available at H&M

Lululemon install tight

Our Beauty and Wellness Editor, Karina Hoshikawa, took Luliman’s new leggings for a spin this month and was pleasantly surprised by her soft yet supportive nature. The flattering effects of the smoothcover fabric made her look and feel “incredibly beautiful”.

Shop Lululemon

Lululemon Insil High-Rise Tight 25 “, উপলব্ধ, available at Lululemon

Branch Daily Task Chair

It’s not a drill – for the first time in a while, last month’s bestselling office chair was actually branch furniture, not wafer. We thank the chair for its breathable support, ergonomic design and smooth presentation.

Shop Branch

Branch Daily chairs, 6, available at the branch

Corrosion soft leather loafers

You say “fall”, we say “loafers”. These emerald beauties of Zara have taken our readers off their feet this month and, we’re pretty positive one or two pairs of perfect pops of color for the fall ’.

Shop Corrosion

Corrosion Soft leather loafers, 6, are found in Zara

Etsy Penny Loafer Classic Handmade Top-Cider Shoes

Not only did we see a rise in loafers, but we also noticed a growing reader fascination in chunky loafers, like this suave bestselling pair from Etsy.

Shop Etsy

GORshoesUA Penny Loafer Classic Handmade Top Cider Shoes, Available at Etsy

Allsent Naomi Buti

When we’re not walking around, we’re hitting the stumping ground with some classic black leather boots. Nordstrom Rack is an assortment of name-brand kicks with discount-price tags, and this sleek AllSaints bootie (also available in snake prints) is no exception.

Shop Nordstrom Rack

All saints Naomi Buti, 6, available at Nordstrom Rack

Everlane The Air Oversized Crew T

Everlane’s 50% discount on Labor Day sales was quite large and, fortunately for us, this bestselling tea is still half closed. Stock up on some wardrobe staples before the word comes out and before the inventory runs out.

Shop Everlane

Everlane Ever Oversized Crew T, 6, is available at Everlane

Griffin Kashmir Kashmir Plate Back Sweater

Yes, Nordstrom is a hot spot for rack sale events, but we know it has some of the best deals live on its site throughout the year. This 0% discount plate-back cashmere sweater was one of the hottest hidden gems in September and is expected to go on sale in October.

Shop Nordstrom Rack

Griffin Kashmir Kashmir plate back sweater, 6, available at Nordstrom Rack

Reformed Middleton dress

Last year’s lockdown has completely changed the game of marriage – that is, falling behind with delayed marriages and long-standing “I will”. Reform has covered you with a list of day-night dresses, such as this elegant green dress that will not surpass the bride but will give her own exquisite statement.

Shop Reform

Reform Middleton dress, 6, available in renovations

Escort classic mattress

Saatva’s durable, cloud-like mattress is truly a classic, and can have a permanent place on our monthly bestseller list. (According to the review, this is for good reason.)

Shop Sending

Sending Classic mattress, 6, available at Saatva

Dame air suction toy

This year, readers flocked to Dame’s site for National Singles Day and collected the brand’s bestselling, R29-editor-approved suction toys. According to a viral review by our affiliate writer Frankie, it seems “Being verbal from a cloud.”

Shop Damn

Damn Air suction toys, 6, are available at the dam

Sweetie Bunny Ear Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator

In the news of other sex toys in September, a new face has risen to our top list: Sweetie Bunny. The magic is in the ears (and its $ 12 price tag).

Shop Sweetie

Sweetie Bonnie Kan Rechargeable Silicone Clitoral Vibrator, 6, Available at Lovehoney Buffy Air

With this bestselling, 100% Eucalyptus Fiber Comfort, you will officially become a member of the Buffy Brigade – aka thousands of happy customers keep their cool nights with their durable beds. Did we mention this comforter alone with 4.7 out of 6,000+ reviews and 5-star ratings?


Buffy Buffy Hawa, 6, is found in Buffy

Burrow Black Nomad Block Nomad Double Chaise Division

A couch to buy a Burrow couch and this September, our readers agree. A happy couch potato says: “The cloth is great. A friend of ours sprinkled wine on our couch. We literally got it over the weekend and the stain came out so easily. I also have three dogs and their fur doesn’t even show a light gray color!”

Shop Old man

Old man Available at Block Nomad Double Chase Division, 6, Burrow

Madwell Harlow Wide Leg Pants

Here at R29 Shopping Team we are just like you – we put our new fall dress pants on one leg at a time. This pick of our Deals Writer Mercedes Vieira is a must have. They wrote, “They are so perfect for the fall, and they are receptive enough to live permanently in my closet.”

Shop Well done

Well done Harlow wide-leg pants, 6, are available at Medwell

Foro Luna Mini 3

Ulta ended its 21-day beauty event on September 18, but some products are still worth buying at full price. There are hundreds of 5-star reviews on Foro’s Viral Luna Mini 3 site and according to one customer it has been “completely upgraded” [their] Skin care routine. ”

Shop Foro

Foro LUNA Mini 3, 6, is available in reverse

Maude brother

ICYMI: In September, we created a special promotional code for Maude’s best-selling Vibe. Although the deal has unfortunately ended, the $ 45 toy is still a decent investment. No guilt, just joy.

Shop Maude

Maude Available at Vibe In Gray, 6, Maude

Primula Glass Coffee Maker, 50 oz capacity, gray

Our beauty and wellness author Karina Hoshikawa has revealed the secret to her quick and easy morning caffeine: the ুল 30 cold brew maker of primula. According to him (and thousands of reviewers), a whole day of standing up made “the smoothest, tastiest coffee” ever. [she’s] Never was. “

Shop Primula

Primula Glass coffee maker, 50 oz capacity, gray, $, available on Amazon

Custom 2PCS eyebrow soap kit

For just 8 8 on Amazon, you can achieve your dream layered eyebrows with Honest’s Eyebrow Soap Kit. Although it doesn’t literally clean your browse, this kit will keep them fluffy and in place all day, with only a * swash * or two from the given spools. Check out her review here on how it resisted the contrast of our Beauty and Wellness Editor’s extremely tempting full eyebrows.

Shop Amazon

Own 2PCS Eyebrow Soap Kit, $, available at Amazon

Tanning brush plaid flannel jacket

The transition from summer to autumn is exciting for us but terrible for our clothing. So, our freelance affiliate writer Ginny Lee went to Amazon and invested in this “less hassle, disinterested” $ 37 shake (if you don’t catch it, it’s a shirt jacket). Soon, our readers wanted a taste for themselves. According to Ginny, this single dress has helped her survive countless NYC days: “As of this week in NYC, the daytime hours may still be sweaty, but the evenings are starting to get cold enough. The shacket is fab for those 70’s. I can throw on T-shirts and shorts for casual nights. “

Shop Amazon

Tanning Brush Flannel Plaid Shacket, 6, available on Amazon

Happiness Limits Wellness Relieve Anxiety and Sleep Essential Oil Roll On

When your oil diffuser can’t fit in your purse, another 29 reader recommends this comfortable essential oil roller. “The oil smells amazing and I like to use it in the evening before bed or during my workday when I feel extra overwhelmed,” Veronica said.

Shop Amazon

Happiness Bound Wellness Anxiety Healing Essential Oil Roll-On, $, Chill Out Available on Amazon Handmade

Caraway Bakeware Set

Wherever there is a caraway launch – whether it’s a new colorway or a whole new kitchen set – we’ll be there. This backwear set has just hit the market and what dare we say, it is selling like hotcakes? Our deputy director Liz Buxton put some stuff in her brand new pans and hugged her inner “General Jed Martha Stewart”.

Shop Caraway

Caraway Bakeware set (5-piece), উপলব্ধ, available at Caraway

The gloss is monochromatic

At the very end of September, Glossier launched its first eyeshadow palette and it was love at first sight. These refillable, three-pan palettes were created to attract the eye with their matte, satin and metallic monochromatic colors.

Shop Shiny

Shiny Monochrome in the sea, that is, found in glaciers

Everlane Cheki Jean

The R29 shopping team has finally decided to test Everlane’s bestselling, high-rise checkered gene এবং and we’ve been quite surprised by the butt-lifting results. If you want to add some denim essentials to your list, be sure to pop up Everlane’s shiny jeans on your list.

Shop Everlane

Everlane 90s Curvy Gene, $, found in Everlane

Munshot snacks

Who knew it could taste better than climate-friendly cracker cheese? I didn’t (and swallow) until I tried three flavors of Munshot’s delicious snacks. Each crisis tasted better than the last, and I quickly became one of the many reviewers for the fresh, crisp smell of each box.

Shop Munshot snacks

Munshot snacks Available in various 6-pack, $, Munshot snacks

Rachel Comy x Target Fox Leather Textured Jacket

Is Target’s latest designer fall collage worth promoting? In our opinion on R29, yes. In September, mega-retailer Rachel Comey began the collection of an affordable designer with the help of Sandy Liang, Victor Glamoud and Neely Lotan. Rachel Rachel, our affiliate associate writer Chichi Offer, was pleasantly surprised by the size inclusiveness of the offer and gave Colab a big thumbs up. Many readers followed then.

Shop Target

Rachel Comex x Target Fake leather textured jackets, 6, are available at Target

ICEYLI 17mm replacement jeans button

Our affiliate author Ginny Lee has discovered the ultimate technique for perfect-fitting pants: replacement jean buttons. With just 55 ratings, it was a risky Amazon buy, but according to him these waist line savers, “tremendously help.” Wine buyers rejoice!

Shop Amazon

ICEYLI The 17mm replacement jeans button, $, is available on Amazon

Supergup! Glow screen

The cult-favorite sunscreen brand celebrated the end of summer with a rare (and fleeting) 20% discount deal. Although sales and summer are over, sunscreen requirements remain year-round – especially considering it the best-selling sunscreen on the R29.

Shop Supergup!

Supergup! Glowscreen SPF 40, $, is available in Supergup!

Parachute Linen Euro Sham

These light and airy linen shades are essential for a sleepover for our affiliate strategist Kate Spencer – and they win the hearts of lots of R29 readers in September.

Shop Parachute

Parachute Linen is available in Euro Sham, 6, parachutes

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