Chuck Todd has met only 1 elected Democrat in the press since January

Chuck Todd has virtually banned Democrats elected from Meet the Press from just 19 appearances on the show and a total of 21 appearances since the 1/6 attack.

Matt Negrin from The Daily Show tweeted:

Chuck Todd is not giving bookings to elected Democrats in the press

According to the Meet the Press transcript page, a total of 19 elected Democrats from across the United States have been on the show since the 1/6 attack. Todd was also twice Sen. Barney Sanders, but he is an independent.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has been four times over the same period. Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR) was twice. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was three times.

Elected Democrat with the most meet the press presence? It’s a tie in the sense.

Meet the Press often has representatives from the Biden administration, but those guests are not elected.

Democrats control the House and Senate yet are less featured in Meet the Press than elected Republicans.

Part of the problem is that Sunday’s show, in general, no longer has to be present for the congressional leadership. I’m sure any Sunday show would want to feature Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell or McCarthy on a regular basis, but Republicans tend to show Sunday or Sunday morning futures on Fox News, and the Democratic leadership will probably see little value in it on Sunday.

However, there is a Democratic House and Senate majority that Todd could make bookings to balance his Republican guests, but he decided not to.

The format appears to be representative of the administration, followed by Republicans in Congress, then a Republican-leaning panel, including a Congressional Democrat.

Meet the Press, like other Sunday events, has become a platform for minorities to watch. This can be easily fixed with a conscious commitment to balance. If the show shows a member of one team, it should give equal time to one member of the other team.

Sunday’s events have broken down, and Meet the Press is not providing an accurate representation of the will of most Americans to vote.

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