Chuck Schumer set the stage for Philipbuster reform with the Freedom of the Vote Act

Majority leader Schumacher made it clear in comments on the Senate floor that the Clocher vote under the Freedom of the Vote Act is a step toward Philibuster reform.

Schumacher took the next step in his campaign for the right to vote Philipbuster reform.

Counting video:

The majority leader said in part:

And I would especially like to thank Senator Manchin for his hard work over the past few weeks. He reached out across the corridor to try to find a way to make the Senate work in a bipartisan fashion. I thank him for his commitment to finding bipartisanship on a subject that, by all accounts, should be bipartisan in its core, and which has been around for most of our history.

Now, today’s vote is a clutch vote to move forward. This raises a simple question for senators: Should the Senate even have the right to debate-debate-vote? It’s about this: just a debate, and it’s important to be sure. No Republican is being asked to sign this or that policy today. But they are being asked to come to the table to discuss and allow amendments.

I want to be clear: if Republicans join us to move this bill forward, I am ready to have a full debate worthy of the U.S. Senate. Minorities will have the opportunity to hear their voices. This Senate has already voted on more amendments than any other year under former President Trump – and this law, again, will enable Republican senators to propose amendments. But for that to happen, we have to get on the bill today.

What we cannot accept is a situation where one side is calling for bilateral debate and bilateral cooperation while the other side is refusing to even engage in dialogue. If our Republican colleagues don’t like our idea, they have a responsibility to present their own.

It is ridiculous for any Republican to say that the federal government has no role in protecting elections if state law deprives American citizens of the right to vote. I invite them to read the Constitution of the United States, which specifically empowers Congress to regulate the “timing, place, and conduct” of elections. I invite them to look at modern American history, the Senate was repeatedly violated when Jim Crow states tried to limit the right to vote.

The Senate has a long and sacred tradition, often in a bipartisan alliance, working to protect access to the right to vote. And today, our colleagues should vote to start a debate on how we can add that legacy.

But what Republicans shouldn’t do, what they shouldn’t do, is critical of the Senate, as sacred, as American, as any right to debate, any opportunity to debate, should be wasted. The clock is ticking at our opportunity to take meaningful action.

Schumer is setting the stage for Philipbuster reform

Democrats now have a bill that every member of the Senate caucus supports. The majority leader gave Sen Manchin weeks to get bipartisan support for the census law.

This is all leading to Manchin and the movie showing that there is no other way. They have to support a filibuster for the right to vote.

Schumer is setting the stage for a make-or-break move, and the best thing Republicans can do for those who want filibuster reform is to block the debate on the Freedom of the Vote Act.

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