Chris Wallace claims Biden will build a wall in 9 months after Trump fails to build one in 4 years

Chris Wallace claimed that President Biden would build a wall to keep Haitian immigrants away while Trump could not build one in four years.

Chris Wallace demands that Biden build a wall to keep immigrants out.


Wallace asked,My question is why Did you allow them? Country in the first place? You make the jolt, forgive me, a The wall Or a fence to stop them From walking – this flood People are coming across the dam, it is A highway that lets you see They have to cross the Rio Grande.

Secretary Mayorkas replied that the Biden administration was following the law,That’s it Its principle Administration, we do not agree With walled buildings. The law provides for that Individuals can claim Humanitarian relief. This is actually one of us Proud traditions. “

Chris Wallace was telling Mayorkas to do the impossible without complying with immigration laws.

Donald Trump has not been able to build a wall in his entire presidency, but Chris Wallace and Fox News want President Biden to build a wall in a few months.

Trump’s immigration policy is not a dirty secret that the wall didn’t work, but violated U.S. immigration laws.

The Trump administration kept immigrants out of the country by evading the visa system and violating immigration laws. Fox News and Wallace were upset because the Biden administration was following the law.

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