Chris Brown will not face a charge for the battery from the alleged loom incident

Rumis, it looks like Chris Brown will not face any criminal charges after an investigation for the battery when a woman claimed he slapped her on the back of her head so hard that her weaving returned in June.

According to Rolling Stone, the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office dismissed the misdemeanor lawsuit this week. Rob Wilcox, a spokesman for the office, confirmed that this had been denied due to insufficient evidence. It was an easy victory for the R&B singer, but lately it’s not the only legal issue. Chris has been suing people on the left and right.

As we reported last night, artist Mr. Mr. against Chris and Drake. Cooper and producer Timothy Valentine sued, claiming that Bridgy and Certified Lover Boy jacked out their ‘I Love Your Dress’ song. The lawsuit says they released their record three years before ‘No Guidance’, which came down to 2019 and “Beats, Lyrics, Hooks and Rhythmic Structures” was copied from their song.

In addition, the case features a similar song in ‘No Guidance’, where Chris and Drake repeatedly sing, “You got it, girl, you got it.” In Mr. Cooper’s song, the songs he sang are “He’s got, he’s got.” The artist and producer pair are suing for copyright infringement and damages. However, this is only one of two music lawsuits filed against Chris.

In July, if you recall, we reported that Greensleeves Publishing Limited had filed a lawsuit against Chris and Sony Music Entertainment without permission from dancehall artist Red Ratt’s 1997 song ‘Tight Up Skirt’. The publishing company also claims that Chris adopted the original musical feature of the song and used it primarily in his 2017 hit ‘Privacy’.

At the moment, these two cases are pending, but we will not forget to keep you updated when new information comes out, Rumiz!

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