Chief vs. Ravens Final Score, Result: Baltimore Late Fumble Recovery, Holds Fourth-Down Run

A back-to-back game comes down to an important defensive position, and the Ravens ensure their first win of the season.

Led by the chiefs in less than two minutes, Baltimore appeared in a bad spot. Kansas City’s ball was within Ravens’ 400 and he still had three deadlines. The Chiefs only had to stay in position to score a game-winning field goal, which became inevitable due to their late-playing experience from the last three seasons.

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But the Ravens outscored linebacker Odaf Weh Clyde Edwards-Heller in a hasty attempt to fall into the “B” gap, loosen the ball and then recover it, leaving Baltimore in possession with 1:20 left. After quarterback Lamar Jackson’s 1-yard run in the fourth-and-1, the Ravens fled with a 36-35 win at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday night.

Kansas City 201 split the first two games of the season for the first time since 2016, while Baltimore avoided the first 0-2 start since 201.

The Ravens were encouraged by the incredible rush effort: three touchdowns between 251 yards and five different runners. Jackson led the team with 107 yards and 16 carry for two scores. He completed 18 of 26 passes for 239 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

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The field game helped Baltimore overcome an electric effort from Patrick Mahoms of Kansas City, who threw nine different goals for 3 yards. The Chiefs, however, lost an 11-point lead in the second half. Mahoms threw an obstacle in the third quarter and Kansas City failed to score in the fourth.

This was the first September interruption of his career. Earlier he tossed 37 touchdowns without a pick.

Chifra will return home next Sunday to face the Chargers and face Kakra Singh.

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Here’s how Sporting News recaptured Sunday’s game.

Chief vs. Ravens score

Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 F
Chiefs 14 7 14 0 35
The crow 7 10 7 12 36

Chief vs. Ravens live update, highlight from ‘Sunday Night Football’

(Always before)

Final: Baltimore 36, Kansas City 35

11:21 pm: Jackson records first in fourth-and-1, and Baltimore will hang on for one 36-35 victory over the chiefs After clearing the 11-point second-half deficit.

11:18 pm: Famble. Kansas City for a field goal, holding on to his three deadlines, Clyde Edwards-Hellair ran and fell to the Ravens’ 2-yard line, giving Baltimore one-on-one football back.

11:08 pm: Jackson put football in a readable option and made a one-yard touchdown. He went up to 103 rushing yards in 22 attempts with two touchdowns. Baltimore are now 36-35 ahead with 3:14 left in the fourth quarter This is after a two-point conversion failed.

10:54 pm: Ravens cornerback Anthony Everett recorded a crucial pass breakup on Chiefs Wide receiver Tyrick Hill on 3rd-and-9th, bringing Baltimore football back to his 36-yard line with five down 11:23.

10:45 pm: Touchdown Baltimore. Jackson runs for two-yard touchdown, overcomes Ravens deficit 35-30 left with 14:13 in the fourth quarter. Baltimore converted Brown into a two-point effort, although it was withdrawn after an ineligible man downfield penalty on offensive guard Kevin Zetler. Jackson’s upcoming pass was intercepted.

10:37 pm: Interception. Baltimore cornerback Taven Young Mahomes to bring the Ravens back to their 44-yard line. This was Mahoms ’first hurdle of the season.

10:21 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. Mahoms threw Travis Kells a short pass for a tight end that turned into a 46-yard score. Kells is now the Chiefs ’top receiver with five receptions for the Chief Yard and one score. Mohoms 283 passing yards with three touchdowns while completing 18-of-23 passes. After his six-game, 75-yard drive on the 2:40 span, Kansas City led 35-24 with 6:50 left in the third quarter.

10:12 pm: Touchdown Baltimore. Find Jackson Brown for a 42-yard score, the first of his game. Brown now has up to six receptions for 113 yards. It was a four-game, 5-yard drive for the Ravens, who followed the Chiefs 28-24 Third Quarter 9:30 left.

The play received a jump pass from Jackson, who completed 20 passes of 1 for 1,1955 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions.

10:05 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. The Chiefs Wide Receiver for the Mahoms 40-yard touchdown pass is located at Byron Pringle. The ninth Kansas City receiver to pass in the Pringle game. His score stopped a five-game, 74-yard drive Chief, who now leads 28-17 .

After the play, Pringle appeared to imitate Lewis’ famous dance.

10:01 pm: NBC’s Michelle Tafoya said Elliott is out with frustration for the rest of the game.

Halftime: Kansas City Baltimore, 21-14

The Ravens have more yards than the Chief (271 to 214), though Kansas City are ahead at half-time due to two interceptions from Matthew and its passing offense. Mahoms completed 17 of 17 passes and a touchdown for 179 yards. Baltimore has 165 racing yards, led by Jackson 55 in five carriages

9:40 pm: According to a social media, Ravens’ safety Dishon Elliott is being assessed for a collision Statement From the team. He left the field after an assessment under a Baltimore medical tent.

9:34 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. The chiefs who ran behind Darrell Williams scored in the two-yard crowd. Fifteen of Kansas City’s 35 driving yards were on that drive, which went for 67 yards in seven plays at 2:30 p.m. The Chiefs now lead 21-14.

9:23 pm: Touchdown Baltimore. Murray ran five yards and scored. Baltimore went on a nine-game, 72-yard drive over the 5:31 span Tie the game at 14.

9:16 p.m. 8:52 left in the second quarter, Kansas City is still ahead of Baltimore, 1-7. The Ravens have more yards than the Chief (153 to 147), 122 coming to the ground. Mahoms completed 13 of 9 passes for 127 yards and touchdowns. Jackson completed 51 passes for 51 yards and two interceptions. Matthew recorded each of those picks, a total of 48 yards of his return with one touchdown.

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First Quarter: Kansas City 14, Baltimore 7

9:03 pm: Matthew was seen taking oxygen on the sidelines of Kansas City after his second interception. He did not play in the first week against Cleveland after recovering from Covid-1.

8:52 pm: Detention. Matthew Jackson recorded his second game, looking for Brown in the final area near the 28-yard pass. Kansas City will have 1:13 left in the first quarter on its 1-yard line, 14-7 ahead. <

8:42 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. Mahoms found wide receiver Demarcas Robinson for a 33-yard score. It was a one-play, -2-yard drive for Kansas City :: 311 in a span that included one-third down conversions (third-and -2). Chiffra now leads the Ravens, 14-7.

8:32 pm: Touchdown Baltimore. Ravens running back Tyson Williams ran nine yards into the goal line and broke the ball before Baltimore wide receiver Devin Duvernay caught the ball in the air before scoring. It was a six-game, -5-yard drive with 37 intervals for Baltimore. The game is now equal to seven.

8:26 pm: Touchdown Kansas City. Chiefs Safety Tyrone Matthew Jackson was barred for a 34-yard return touchdown. The pass was intended for former Chief Wide receiver Sammy Watkins. It was a drama that came after Jackson was ousted that was largely a long touch for Marquis Brown.

8:23 pm: Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis was in attendance for Sunday’s game.

8:19 pm: Kansas City decided to suspend after winning the toss.

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‘Sunday Night Football’ Schedule 2021

Week Date Matchup
D 9 September Tampa Bay 31, Dallas 29
D 12 September Rams 34 of Los Angeles, 14 of Chicago
2 September 19 Baltimore 36, Kansas City 35
3 2 Sep September Green Bay in San Francisco
4 October 3 Tampa Bay in New England
5 October 10 Buffalo in Kansas City
6 October 17 Seattle in Pittsburgh
7 October 24 Indianapolis in San Francisco
8 October 31 Dallas, Minnesota
9 November 7 Tennessee in Los Angeles
10 November 14 Kansas City in Las Vegas
11 November 21 Pittsburgh on the Los Angeles Charger
12 November 25 Buffalo in New Orleans
12 2 Nov November Cleveland, Baltimore
13 December 5 Seattle San Francisco
14 December 12 Chicago in Green Bay
15 December 19 New Orleans in the Gulf of Tampa
16 December 26 Washington in Dallas
17 January 2 Minnesota in Green Bay
18 January 9 TBD

Chiefs Schedule 2021

Week Date Opponent Kickoff time Television
D 12 September Vs. Browns 4:25 pm ET CBS
2 September 19 At Ravens 8:20 pm ET NBC
3 2 Sep September Vs. charger 1 pm ET CBS
4 October 3 in agglomerates 1 pm ET CBS
5 October 10 Vs. Bill 8:20 pm ET NBC
6 October 17 In Washington 1 pm ET CBS
7 October 24 In the Titans 1 pm ET CBS
8 November 1 1 Vs. Giants 8:15 p.m. ESPN
9 November 7 Vs. Packers 4:25 pm ET The fox
10 November 14 At Raiders 8:20 pm ET NBC
11 November 21 Vs. Cowboys 4:25 pm ET The fox
12 Bye
13 December 5 Vs. the Broncos 1 pm ET CBS
14 December 12 Vs. Raiders 1 pm ET CBS
15 December 16 At the charger 8:20 pm ET Fox / NFLN / Amazon
16 December 26 Vs. Steelers 4:25 pm ET CBS
17 January 2 In Bengali 1 pm ET CBS
18 January 9 At the Broncos 4:25 pm ET CBS

‘Sunday Night Football’ Schedule 2021

Week Date Matchup
D September 9 (Thursday) Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Dallas Cowboys
12 September Los Angeles Rams vs. Chicago Bears
2 September 19 Baltimore Ravens vs. Kansas City Chiefs
3 2 Sep September San Francisco 49ers vs. Green Bay Packers
4 October 3 New England Patriots vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
5 October 10 Kansas City Chief vs. Buffalo Bill
6 October 17 Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Seattle Seahawks
7 October 24 San Francisco 49ers vs. Indianapolis Colts
8 October 31 Minnesota Vikings vs. Dallas Cowboys
9 November 7 Los Angeles Rams vs. Tennessee Titans
10 November 14 Las Vegas Riders vs. Kansas City Chiefs
11 November 21 Los Angeles Chargers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
12 2 Nov November Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns
13 December 5 Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers
14 December 12 Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears
15 December 19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. New Orleans Saints
16 December 26 Washington football team vs. Dallas Cowboys
17 January 2 Green Bay Packers vs. Minnesota Vikings
18 January 9 TBD

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