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Thomas Tuchel admits that Romelu Lukaku is “mentally exhausted” and says his dry spell in front of the goal is the result of him playing too much football in recent months.

Lukaku rejoined the. 5.5million club at Chelsea this summer and enjoyed a fine start to his second spell at the club, scoring four goals in his first four games.

However, the 28-year-old has played six goals without a goal for the Blues, when he left the Belgian team after losing in the semifinals of the Nations League this month with “muscle fatigue”.

Lukaku has already played three games for Belgium this season and seven at the end of the previous campaign – something that Tuchel believes is now caught up with him.

The Chelsea head coach said: “At the moment I think Romelu is playing a little bit more – I think he has played a lot of competition with the national team.

“He’s a great athlete and a competitive man – he wants to dig deep and win. I know how well he wanted to do in the European Championship with Belgium and again in the League of Nations.

“It means a lot to him to play for his country. If it doesn’t work well, he always puts it on his shoulders, he thinks about it, he reflects on it.

Chelsea are at the top of the Premier League but Tuchel believes they still have ‘room for improvement’

“I think he’s a bit mentally exhausted. For me, he’s overplayed. It’s hard to judge whether he needs a break, or is it better to keep him on the pitch?”

Tukel believes Lukaku is not the only one of his players to be fighting this year as a result of their commitment to the national team, saying: “The same is true of Mason. [Mount] And Jorgi (Jorginho) – they struggled.

“They have a lot of weight to carry for their country – they like it and they are competitive. But if you play 1,000 matches a year, it can feel heavy.”

Arsene Wenger, head of FIFA’s global football development, has commented on Tuchel’s plans for the biennial World Cup – which will add to the fixtures’ schedule.

The Germans believe that elite footballers are being asked too much, they say: “Players play too much. I’m not a big fan of quality and quantity. But it’s nothing new and the next national break is coming soon.

“We have to play another tournament (Club World Cup and FA Cup) in January and February and things can be a bit tougher than it should be.

“Quality players need to be in shape because the audience wants to see the best players in the best shape. There’s a lot of football and a lot of competition.”

Despite concerns about his players getting tired, Tukel has brought Chelsea to the top of the Premier League table.

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Free to watch: Highlights of Chelsea’s win at Brentford in the Premier League

However, they were much hated by goalkeeper Edward Mendy for their 1-0 win at Brentford on Saturday, when they needed two late goals to beat Southampton at home in their previous game.

Despite the league’s strong results, Tuchel admits his team is not their best, saying: “I think we lack some form and we lack some enthusiasm in the last percentage.

“But don’t forget that we are talking about the Premier League – the toughest league in the world. There is no shame in having a tight match at Brentford and no shame in winning late against Southampton.

“It’s very important that we don’t feel ashamed and not be too critical of ourselves. If you have a difficult moment, you fight. We want to be a team that no one wants to play against and from there we try to improve.

“Will it ever seem easy to win? I’m not so sure. Maybe it’s normal and we have to embrace the situation. We find a way to win the game but there is still room for improvement.”

Uncertain Tuchel calls for strategic switch

Due to Chelsea’s poor recent performance, it has been suggested that for the first time since taking charge of Chelsea in January, Tuchel could withdraw from his tried and tested three-man defense.

The Champions League will feature matches against Norwich, Southampton, Newcastle, again Malm এবং and Burnley before the Blues face Malm at home on Wednesday.

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Gary Neville is confident that Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea team could take on a serious title challenge against Manchester City and Liverpool.

On paper, when asked if the favorable run for what he thinks is a four-man defense, Tuchel said: “Yes and no. We always think about it, but is it really a strategic thing?”

“Is it worth it that we are a team that is a tough team to play against that always scores easy? We can take this step when we are fully convinced, but this game is about balance and we have found a balance.

“The key is that we stay active, no matter what structure we play, and the boys help each other on the field.

“We can create opportunities in any structure. We can also score from counter-attacks – it’s not always an opportunity to defend against an opponent.

“We are looking for solutions and a solution could be to change the structure and play more aggressive players. Let’s see.”

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