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Ruby would be very proud. Mimi Kane, who has acted as Netflix’s favorite teen-drama average girl-moral center Sex education, May not attract fans like its fictional counterpart, but still has some advantages to move away from Sex EdThe shallow side of its main story. For this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the luxury fashion house Lowe invites Kane to the city of light to experience the brand new SS 2022 collection and why he decides to buy He– and his thousands of fans – for the ride.

As part of her Fashion Week diary, the star took us on her low-fitting, elegant hotel stay and taking part in a PFW show for the first time. She said part of the thrill was seeing where her own style could go. Her taste in fashion has completely changed Sex Ed Came into his life. Courtesy of costume designer Rosa Dias, the show, known for its vibrant, bright color palette, has pushed Kane into bright, risky colors.

“My personal taste in fashion has always been quite neutral – black, white, monochromatic,” Ken writes. “But in the three years I’ve been playing Ruby, I’ve become bolder and more adventurous with my style choices and as a result my style has definitely evolved. [Dias] Taught me that if something looks scary on something rack, it can look really amazing even after you put it on.

Kenny started the weekend in personalized fittings before going to bed before a great display of dinner and drinks courtesy of Louis.

“The night before the show!” Why wrote.

Mm why

The next morning, she took a few moments to enjoy the king-size bed before starting styling preparations for the show. For slipping into Ruby’s costume Sex Ed She taught him to enjoy the game anyway he could – and whatever the mood that inspired it. “I want to be a little more here, there and everywhere in one style or trend,” he wrote. “I love to mix it up and try new things.”

Why Mimi in Paris

“Wake up”Inside ‘ Cloud 9 – Day Show! “Why did you write?

Mm why

The changing characterization of Ruby in Season 3 did not surprise Kane, who must have secretly known that the queen bee had a golden heart. But the fan response – and how it has accelerated its own power – was an unexpected surprise, Ken says. “It’s great to see that people actually like him now!” He writes. “Even though he was such a nonsense for the first two seasons (and I think he’s still a bit, it’s almost a part of his character that can’t be taken away), I’m really grateful and appreciate all the love Ruby has received.”

You can even see some ruby ​​creep in Kenny’s look for the Louis Show. Her stylists adorned the actress in sexy high-low LBD with gray and neon-green highlights, shiny black lace-up boots.

“When I was younger, I used to like all my clothes to be the same color and finally, my mom would tell me,‘ Mimi, you know your clothes (including shoes) don’t always have to be the same color? ’Keene wrote. “It simply came to our notice then [color] Ruby came back into my life through, like all purple dresses or completely multi-colored rainbow dresses [in season 3]. ”

Mimi Ken on the Louis SS 22 show during Paris Fashion Week

Mimi Ken on the Louis SS 22 show during Paris Fashion Week.

Saskia de Bra

Queen Lowe got a front row seat in action during the presentation, which was inspired by the artwork of Renaissance painter Pontormore. This is not a collection Ruby liked that Ruby liked: bright tie-dye dresses next to sequined gowns, metal breastplates, purple handbags, coats like denim caps and heels decorated with motifs with nail polish bottles and tomatoes.

Finally, she ends the night with dinner, sightseeing and of course – a flute (or two) of champagne, the perfect way to celebrate her successful year so far. Even as season 3 Sex Ed Viewers continue to be stunned, with Kane already having a vision for the future, including (newly confirmed) season 2.

“I want to continue exploring different aspects of Ruby and open her up more as a character and learn more about the circumstances in which we saw her go,” Ken writes. “I really want to make him some more friends, maybe some unexpected friendships. At the end of the Great season and the fight against him, he would love to be a little bit more of a team player. [headmistress Hope Haddon] To save Murdoch [Secondary School]. I thought the team spirit we saw from Ruby was beautiful and I hope we get a little more out of it. ”

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