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There is Charlotte Gainsbourg and denim History

“I’ve always been pretty bigoted about denim,” Gainsberg says The award-winning musician, actor and overall style icon could get his love of good jeans back to his childhood, exploiting the admiration known for the element of his iconic parents (Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg).

Yet after years of collecting, wearing and re-wearing vintage denim, Gainsberg says most pairs have left something desirable. Now, at the age of 50, he has found his Holy Grail pair, created by himself in collaboration with Zara, now available.

Courtesy of Zara

“I never find the right fit for me, so this collection carries a lot of meaning,” says Gainsberg., Call from Paris. “That’s really what I wanted to wear.”

What Gainsberg wants to wear is effortless, ineffective isolation: a dark-washed cigarette jean here, a large denim jacket there, and smooth leather accessories to smooth the look. Her corrosive editing is a garment that looks neat and clean, she says.

What it doesn’t have is that broad rents are usually available in high-powered collaborations এবং and that’s the point. The idea was to create one or two full looks that women could create layers to their liking.

Gainsberg applied the philosophy he used to choose film and music projects to make the final decision: “I tried to please myself,” he says.

He also spread the collection with a sense of personal history, clearer than others in some ways. A coat that Gainsbourg remembered his father wore affected a corduroy trench. The aesthetic beauty of the whole collection, meanwhile, is enlarging her father’s house.

“He had a lot of objects in his house, and he used them in a certain way, and it looked like a complete mess, but it was a very well-organized mess,” Gainsberg explained. That fuzzy face is playing in her slightly transparent T-shirt and straight-leg jeans. “The looks aren’t messy, but they do give the impression of being careless.”

Charlotte Gainsbourg wears her corrosive denim collection in a black and white photo

Courtesy of Zara

There is no doubt that this collection is one hundred percent Charlotte Gainsbourg. But when our call is off, Gainsberg admits that he wants his corrosive pieces to be more than personal.

“The thing I’m really curious about, and for which I’m hoping, is that I can see the exact opposite of the people wearing these clothes,” Gainsberg said. “I hope it will be suitable for any kind of woman, because I want to see it. You want to see a personality – you don’t just want to see clothes.”

Buy items selected from the Charlotte Gainsbourg Collection above and at for Zara.

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