Charlotte Flair is making plays for WWE

What is its angle?

What is its angle?
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Behind-the-scenes drama in professional wrestling is a fascinating part, as it usually finds its way into their on-screen storytelling. Reading about business rumors and gossip became a major topic for many fans. But even then, like sports, when things from behind the scenes and in the locker room enter the bloodstream regularly, you wonder if there’s some agenda. And from whom.

Last week saw a blizzard on the head of Charlotte Flair, who can’t really argue that she didn’t at least create some of it. It starts last Friday, when the concluding part SmackDown There was a title-switch between her and Becky Lynch, as they were both their respective champions. Raw (Flair) and SmackDown (Lynch), but both were swapping shows. No doubt the “belt-swap” angle was obviously silly, but it would hardly be the first time that an actor had to run branded angles and stories from their bosses.

Still, it depends on what you do Believe and what you read, A bit of shit in that corner on Charlotte Live TV, dropping her head on the ground to pick up Lynch. You can tell by the look on Sonia Devil’s face that it wasn’t exactly planned.

After that, Becky and Charlotte are said to have spoken behind the scenes, Or did Sonia and Charlotte, Or all of it. Charlotte was removed from the building while Lynch was working on a dark match to avoid further clashes and it went away.

Most of Charlotte’s colleagues have dropped more stories in the week I don’t like himDon’t want to work with him, And he has an arrogance The size of the Goodyear blimp. Ran along that Charlotte was worried Concerning her booking and storyline, Bianca centers on her last match with Bellaire before Jewel. Some reports have said that he thought he would lose to Bianca, which makes a lot of sense because he is switching shows and avoiding the dumbass title-switch segment.

Others have argued that Charlotte fell down with the loss of the title. Again, backstage guesswork is part of the mystery and fascination, but when you get this amount of buzz, something happens.

What seems to be connected to all of this is that other reports that Charlotte herself may have thought about That WWE can’t do too much about it. That he is essential to the company. And the thing is … she’s fine.

Charlotte’s performance can be massively shaky, anyone can attest to the bill that she was showing with Nia Jacques a few weeks ago. You can always bet on Charlotte to put together a great match at the big event. You can’t rely on her to do it every night. Any fan can recall matches Raw Or the low-level PPV that Charlotte apparently slept in and made her opponent look worse for it. He is sometimes described as a poor- or no-seller, not trying his best to make anyone in the ring look as good as he can, as well as, perhaps, trying to make himself look better.

One manifestation of this kind of attitude was the uncomfortable attitude Charlotte is a definite slap in the face to Kairi Sane During a tag match TLC PPV of December 2019, when Charlotte didn’t think Sane was at the level she should be It was made for a direct reversal of Becky Lynch after Sun managed to keep him out of the way of loss for the rest of the match at the bottom of the ring.

But, with the exception of Lynch, there are probably no big-ticket items on WWE’s women’s roster, and a few names on the entire roster will take her. She attracts fans, and conflicts and stories with Charlotte still mark others as important. His booking may make him inevitable, which annoys fans at times, but he is also a worthy name to book like Sina.

The plot is testing Charlotte to see how much WWE will endure and how much patience they can show. Because everyone knows that his fianc Andre El Idolo is at AEW. If Charlotte had really been such a troubled kid, and if WWE had really been enough, then four and a half minutes before Twitter was overwhelmed with official “Charlotte Flair is #Allite” graphics. And AEW definitely needs someone like him.

Even if half of it is true, Charlotte will hardly be the first unpleasant figure to have been to WWE. And he must have a case that WWE has a lot of booking asinine. Although Lynch, Sasha Banks and Bellaire are the three big stars of the company, losing Flair would be a huge hit for the company. Whenever he came back from injury they didn’t push anyone else near that four or Bailey level.

The women’s section will look terribly threadbare without her, which she seems to know, and it’s also WWE’s fault for not putting more women on top of the card.

The conspiracy is if Flair intentionally hurts her stomach to get herself to where her future husband is. Save Ruby Soho, all the push and pull of talent between the two companies has been in favor of the men. And as great as Soho is, he’s not a draw like Charlotte. Fox has a reason to pressure him to switch SmackDown. Flair is known There are still years left His WWE deal is on, so he really has to work on it to get out of it soon. Although you can argue he has already started that process.

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