Charlie hit on the police mask: “They can’t arrest all of us” Video

Columnist Charlie Hart now discusses masks under police control in some areas of the country and further in an interview with the FNC.

“It’s a concerted and clear effort to frustrate citizens and criminalize law-abiding citizens,” Hart said. “And here comes one thing, and here it becomes really scary if you ask me. One thing comes up when you are able to criminalize all Americans, then suddenly the state is able to arrest anyone they want. For whatever reason they Wants. With crime, then you should be terrified by it because it is a recipe for disaster and thus the constitutional rights of the people are taken away. “

LAWRENCE JONES, FOX NEWS HOST: Charlie, they buckle. This is exactly what they do. The moment the liberal media starts writing negative articles and embarrassing them they buckle and they go with the lockdown. They are sending the police out. We have crime all over the country. And at the moment there is not a single policeman because they feel frustrated but they are giving the police the power to go after the mother? We have seen epidemic mothers playing with their babies in the playground while the cities are burning they say let’s go after the mothers.

Charlie Hart, Fox News: I really hope that Republicans have learned the most important lesson from Trump’s presidency, and that is that you don’t care what the media says. It doesn’t matter – the media can attack you – they can create things and attack you, they have to pay attention to what they want and go for it and completely ignore what they say in the peanut gallery.

They have to get up and start fighting these things. Because, regular normal innocent American citizens are sitting here looking at snatching their rights. They are being harassed by the police because they are trying to shop for food for their families. And they’re wondering where the hell is going on – are they the people they voted for? And so, you know, and I think it’s important to remember that they can’t arrest all of us. And at some point everyone has to stand up and stop it.

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