CDC quarantine officers will now spot-check travelers to comply with the rules

The CDC has announced that it is sending CDC quarantine officers to spot-check passengers for compliance with the rules.

HotAir reports:

There are some exceptions to the new requirements. Children under the age of 18 and people in countries with the COVID-19 vaccine deficiency will be exempt from providing proof of vaccination. From November 8, foreign travelers described as non-immigrant adults traveling to the United States will have to be fully vaccinated. All travelers must check before boarding a flight to the United States. There are strict restrictions for American and foreign nationals who have not been fully vaccinated.

… The United States will accept any FDA-approved vaccine for regular or emergency use or approved by the World Health Organization. These include Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and the Chinese synopharm and synovac vaccines. Allowed shots to be mixed and matching allowed.

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Airlines are stuck with the implementation of new requirements. They need to check their vaccine records and match their identity information. Here’s a new twist – how do quarantine officers sound?

According to an administration official, quarantine officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will spot-check passengers arriving in the United States. Airlines that do not comply with the requirements can be fined up to $ 35,000 per violation.

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