Carol Baskin has responded to claims that her husband, Don Lewis, may be alive

The Florida Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office reopened the case in 2020. Cpl. Moyes Garcia To say Tampa Bay Times The Department of Homeland Security, which recently assisted the sheriff’s office through its Panama office, has “reduced leadership in Costa Rica.”

Garcia declined to comment on the documents shown on the show, citing an open investigation. However, Joseph C. Dominic, A former sheriff’s investigator who assisted Garcia in the case, told the newspaper that anything in the series indicating that Luis survived in Costa Rica was “all noise.”

Garcia called Baskin “a high-profile person” in the case. Asked if he was a suspect, Garcia said he was the only one who was not a suspect, adding that “everyone else is a possibility.”

Baskin made the remarks in a statement on his website on Thursday Tiger King 2 “They’re doing everything they can to mislead viewers that Carol Don was involved in the disappearance of Lewis … and for those who still want to believe that Carol Don was killed, please explain to us why you think Armchair is a detective, or You are better informed than the FBI Special Agent in charge of this Homeland Security document, which states that ‘Don Lewis is now alive and well in Costa Rica.’

Lewis’s family is offering a personal 100,000 reward for tips that will find out what happened to him. They advertised it on billboards and even in an advertisement aired in the fall of 2020 Dancing with the Stars, When Baskin competed on the show.

Baskin has a theory that Luis crashed a small plane or ultralight in the Gulf of Mexico, which he elaborated on in a recent Reddit Q&A. On Tiger King 2, Lewis’s associate in Costa Rica, King Rodriguez, Said the man “told her to go to Costa Rica to start anew” and told her “he was there to get away from Carroll.” Rodriguez said Lewis flew a Cessna plane there and then he often carried ভার 100,000- $ 200,000 in a heavy box to the বি 100 bill, pressed under used clothes and sued “different companies” to hide the money.

One of the daughters of Lewis. Donna Pettis“It sounds like a father. He seems to be trying to get his money out of the States so that when he divorces Carol, he has less to pay her,” she said in the episode.

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