Carl Icahan Market Crisis Bitcoin Potential High Inflation

  • Excessive money supply and rising inflation could have a negative impact on US markets, said billionaire Carl Icahn.
  • “In the long run we’re definitely going to hit the wall,” Icahn said. “I really think there’s going to be a crisis in the way we’re going, the way we’re printing money, the way we’re going in the direction of inflation.”
  • Bitcoin could be valuable if inflation is really “massive,” he said.

Talks have been held with Carl Icahn, a longtime employee investor and chairman of Icahn Enterprises CNBC Today in the US market, inflation, financial supply and bitcoin. Icahn explained that he believed a market was crashing because excess money was flooding the market and inflation was rising. A scene where bitcoin would be particularly valuable.

“In the long run we’re definitely going to hit the wall,” Ikahan said CNBC. “I really think there will be a crisis in the way we are going, the way we are printing money, the way we are moving towards inflation. If you look around you, you see inflation around you and I don’t know how you deal with it in the long run.

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