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Carl Frock on the future of Tyson Fury in a division that includes Anthony Joshua and Oleksandr Usik after his great win against Dayton Wilder. But will anger fight anyone at all?

Anger, who will he fight next?

I’d like to see him at AJ. I want him to meet Usaike to see what that fight will be like.

He has nothing else to do.

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Carl Froch Says Tyson Fury ‘King of Heavyweight Division’

I would not be surprised if he retires. Depending on how much he loves the sport, and how much he wants to get there and do it again, if Fury says: ‘I’ve done my job and I’m done now’, I wouldn’t be surprised.

People want to correct his poor performance against Ajax, or even see Usik against Fury.

As a boxing fan, I want Usik to face Fury. I don’t think he can do it – I think Fury is too big for him, too clever.

Usik is extraordinary, ridiculously skilled and technically proficient but he’s not big enough for Fury.

Let’s re-match AJ and Usyk to make sure it wasn’t a winning win. Unfortunately for AJ, I don’t think it was. Usik is a tough night for anyone.

Let’s not forget Dillian White, a top fighter who has been knocking on doors for many years for that WBC title. He was a compelling challenger for Dionte Wilder but it never happened because of the trilogy with Fury.

White deserves his shot.

But why would Fury, to defend against White, then face the winners of AJ and Usyk? I don’t think he needs it.

I want to see Fury Fight White – it will be a good fight, a close fight.

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‘Dillian deserves a shot in White Fury!’

I’m wearing furry shoes. The last thing he wants to do right now is talk about who he should fight next.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he had one eye in retirement.

It was a great performance by both boys.

Wilder let go of the steam, he gasped. He was a bit heavy for fighting which was a problem.

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‘Fury is a complete and complete war machine’

Fury calls himself ‘Gispy King’ and he is truly a king. He is the king of the heavyweight division.

That performance was special. It was an amazing performance. The ending was brilliant.

His mental strength is second to none. He is so positive. She believes in herself.

What a great finish – two right hands. Fair play to Wilder who came out with his ieldal.

It was frustrating for Wilder not to be great in the defeat. It was important to shake hands and lie down to rest any bad blood. He should have shaken Furi’s hand.

George Groves and I are friends now! If we can be friends then anyone can!

LAS VEGAS, Nevada - October 09: Tyson Fury (R) knocks out Dionte Wilder (L) during the WBC Heavyweight Championship fight at the T-Mobile Arena on October 09, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Top Rank Incorporated Photo via Mickey Williams / Getty Images)
Fury defeated Wilder in 11 rounds after five knock-downs combined

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