Cardi B denies rumors of postpartum surgery while encouraging uncles to recover

By now, you’ve probably seen Cardi B serve at Paris Fashion Week! He sent social media into a frenzy when he appeared at Thierry Mugler’s exhibition on Tuesday. Dressed in a fiery red, avant-garde gown, Cardi decorated the red carpet for the first time since giving birth to her son earlier this month.

Since their debut on Tuesday, Cardi and Offset have posted multiple snapshots of their journey. They are relying on the fashion, food and luxury that they are offering in London. But, despite all the glitter of her costume and personal style, Cardi did not come here to sell false dreams. She took to Instagram on Thursday to share insights on how to turn off the fashion moments she’s talking about.

Cardi posted four Instagram stories while standing in front of a full-length mirror. Seeing a black body shaper and black leggings, she has become clear about her postnatal body. Cardi has revealed that “amazing compliments” have been given.

“I think the reason I got some amazing hips right now because of my pretty boy is because he was sitting so low,” Cardi said. “You know when your baby is low, your hips spread.”

Clearly, people have asked if surgery like lipo or abdominal baldness deserves some credit for the shape. Although he spoke of past surgeries, Cardi denied recent, postnatal surgeries.

“You can’t have surgery after you give birth, especially me,” Cardi said. “I’ve lost a lot of blood. One day I’ll talk to you about my crazy ** delivery.”

After that, he gave a front-view pose. He admits he looks snatched, but reassures viewers that this is not his only appearance. Cardi gave fans a side view of his shape. He tapped his stomach area and said he still had a pouch. He also admitted to having swelling in multiple areas, including his neck and mouth.

“But f ** k it, take all your time ***** g,” Cardi said. “It’s really hard to work with kids, especially when you have two kids after giving birth.”

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