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In the second week of October, the market price of Bitcoin kept the price between 54K and $ 57K. Meanwhile, numerous alternative crypto resources have yet to see the top crypto resources enjoy in the last two weeks. For example, Cardano was the third largest crypto market in terms of valuation, but after losing 4.8%, Cardano dropped to fifth position last week.

Cardano drops from the 3rd largest crypto market cap to the 5th largest

The digital currency Cardano (ADA) has seen some good gains in the last 12 months as the ADA has grown by 1,840.5% per year. Even Kiss Frontman Jean Simmons told the world on October 10 why he invested K 300K in Cardano (ADA) and how it has been paid for so far. Last month, however, the ADA declined 18% and 4.8% over the past seven days. The ADA’s market cap is not small and is only under the overall assessment of Stable Tether (USDT) because Cardano’s market cap was about. 1.1 billion on Wednesday.

Cardano slips to 5th-largest crypto market position - ADA down 30% from last period
Cardano (ADA) on October 13, 2021

The volume of global trade in the ADA market on Wednesday was about .9 1.9 billion and the crypto exchange binary currently holds the top cardano trade volume. Tether (USDT) top pair with Cardano on Wednesday with 58.58% of all ADA trades. It is followed by BTC (10.91%), USD (5.75%), BUSD (5.61%), and EUR (3.89%). Korean Win ranks sixth largest with 44.44% ADA swap, and ETH traded around 2.9% Cardano today.

Cardano prices are 30% lower than the all-time high

Cardano reached an all-time high on September 2, 2021, reaching 3. 3.0.09 per unit but has now fallen below 0% since that day. The ADA is currently trading for a price just above the $ 2 handle, and the Crypto Asset Binance Coin (BNB) now holds the third largest position in terms of market cap. Despite falling to fifth place, Cardano still occupies 2.86% of the + 2.386 trillion crypto-economy in 10,000+ digital assets.

To compete for BNB’s বৃহত্তম 77.7 billion market valuation, ADA needs to acquire more than 15% of its value to compete for the third largest market position. The market cap of crypto assets, however, is only 2.34% lower than the overall market value of থ 69.8 billion for Teether. Moreover, ADA is not the only smart contract crypto that has hit in recent times. Solana (SOL) lost 10% this week, Terra (LUNA) lost 18.7%, and Avalanche (AVAX) lost 14.3% last week.

What do you think about Cardano’s market performance this past month? Let us know what you think about this in the comments section below.

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