Can’t remember – what’s next for California?

Gov. Gov. Gavin has vehemently rejected the withdrawal of news, saying voters in California have chosen a one-party state where progressive Democrats write bad laws and bureaucrats enforce them.

Clearly, Californians will see themselves as anti-knee-jerk rather than choosing someone who promises to clean up the void.

Newsom praised the vote in its usual self-stimulating style. “We have said yes to science. We have said yes to vaccines. We have said yes to ending this epidemic. We have said yes to the people’s right to vote without fear of fraud or voter repression,” the governor said.

Newsom also hailed his victory as a victory for “diversity” and “inclusion”.

Newsom is a white, wealthy Democrat who works with a legislature that is a supreme majority Democrat. Yet he did not hesitate to consider himself more diverse than his withdrawal rival, Larry Elder, an African-American radio talk-show host who calls himself “Sage of the South Central.”

The illusion of news. Everyone knows that Newsom can’t run on its own record, so he ran against former President Donald Trump.

Attempts to withdraw came to the ballot because Californians were in a confused mood by the Covid-1 mandate, which crushed small businesses and even Newsem personally despised them.

(During the infamous lunch at Tony French Laundry, an unmasked news lobbyist and non-family members rubbed their elbows on a salted table, ineffective at his office’s instruction that Californians restrict non-household contact এবং and if eaten outside, don’t bite ” Don’t forget to wear a mask. “)

But enough about hypocrisy. The bigger problem is: what will happen to California under one-party rule? Is California good or bad?

I’m voting: worse. I don’t see how you are selecting qualified progressives and hoping that the crime situation will improve, homelessness will disappear or the middle class will get better.

As it is, crime has increased. Homeless camps everywhere. Small business owners are struggling. Although Sacramento has enjoyed a budget surplus of ৫ 755.7 billion, the state’s unemployment rate is – .6. %% – much higher than the country’s 5.2%.

Republicans in California see two news stories and see opportunities. But as the recall shows, Californians will only vote for one Republican who doesn’t speak like deep-hard Republicans.

Big? Former California Governor Gray Davis, who was recalled in 2003, told the New York Times that Elder was “a gift from God. He conducted his entire campaign as if voters were conservative Republicans.”

Joe Rodota, a one-time anti-Republican researcher who left the party because of Trump, suggested, “It’s very difficult to run a state in a blue state as a staunch Republican.”

To recall the change, it takes an Arnold Schwarzenegger, for whom Rodota once worked.

In 2003, many critics wrote Schwarzenegger as a celebrity candidate, but moderate Republicans are much more than that. Rodota told me, “Arnold had a part of his privacy, he always liked to be ready.”

The actor knew the players, campaigned for a successful ballot measure and collected a team before a possible withdrawal.

Big, Rodota says, “wasn’t ready.”

In 2022, Californians will vote in regular government elections. They had the opportunity to follow former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulkner, a more moderate Republican, but preferred a candidate like Trump who never figured out how to get out of the small (less than a quarter of voters) base of the GOP base.

It’s not clear whether or not Faulkner’s withdrawal could win. But when you look back, you see that Elder never really prayed. Republican voters have been warned.

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Debra J. Saunders is a Fellow of the Chapman Center for Citizen Leadership at the Discovery Institute. Contact her at dsaunders@discovery.org.

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