Can’t find a deal? Here’s how to “make a deal” with Daniel Harvey

Real estate zoning Allows those with a keen eye, creative mind, and delayed satisfaction Transform a once-empty warehouse into a massively lucrative multi-family contract. While it may not be as simple as the simple purchase and retention strategy of real estate investing, it can Generate much more profit, equity, and appreciation Than buying a single family home or even multiple family buildings directly.

Jay Scott joins to talk to David Green Dan ‘The Real Estate Man’ Harvey, Who have used this Multi-family conversion strategy Over the years he realized how many vacant commercial properties were not being analyzed by investors. The strategy is not too complicated: Take a look Commercial property With right zoning, Transform it into multifamily housing, stabilize, refinance and do it again! Dan says the strategy is a little off-shoot to the ever-popular BRRRR strategy, But with FAR more reverse.

Even if you know nothing about zoning, construction, or Big deal analysis, Dan will help you navigate How to do your first multifamily conversion In this episode he even gives a direct callout to anyone who wants to help him and learn from his experience!

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In this episode we will cover:

  • Understanding Different types of zoning codes In your area
  • Finding the “best use” of a property And use that siphon off the highest profits
  • How “By-right” zoning Optimal use of an asset allows investors to fully capitalize
  • Calculate future rent and property value After the transition to polygamy
  • Combination of residential and commercial space Eliminate vacancies On your property
  • Forming a team and Find a mentor Which will increase your knowledge
  • And So Too much!

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